Howdy, everyone, Overlord Season 3 Episode 7 Synopsis and Preview Images. The episode will release on Tuesday 21 August. The Episode is titled as “Butterfly Entangled in Spider’s Web”.

Overlord Season 3 Episode 7 “Butterfly Entangled In Spider’s Web” Synopsis

Workers’ teams from “Foresight” step into unknown tombs with utmost care. However, in the mausoleum around the entrance, a mountain of treasure is placed in a casual way, and even if it gets underground, only the low-level skeletons are attacking. Even though they are outrageous, they start searching for each team separately. At the same time, Einz orders Albedo to welcome intruders. It is the beginning of despair that even salvation will be saved.

(NOTE: These are rough Japanese translations by Google translator, may lead to wrong conclusions)

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