It’s for sure that Platinum End is getting Fantastic every episode passing. Platinum End episode 10 will be coming out next week. Now I know that after this Friday’s episode it’s really hard to wait a full week.

Waiting is our only option, but don’t worry we are here to keep you busy with Platinum End episode 9 recap, the Release date of its next episode, and where you can watch the anime. If you haven’t already watched Platinum End I would suggest you better hurry and binge watch it. Only 10 episodes so far and it’s already on top of the list for most viewers.

So, go on have a wonderful read, and jump to any section that might interest you the most.


Platinum End Episode 10:

Release Date:

The anime airs every Friday and since it’s just Saturday, that means fans have to wait a full week which is going to feel very long. Platinum End Episode 10 will air on 10th December. It’s going to put up Hajime Sokotani against Nanato Mukaido, and we can expect this battle to be 1v2 as Mirai also left with Mukaido previously.

Where to watch:

Here are the links to the official sites: Crunchyroll. Funimation.

These both offer Dubs in many languages and you can become a member to watch Anime. They also give a free premium which you can try before purchasing if you are not sure.

(Please use official sites for watching anime or reading manga, as it shows your support towards your favorite animes).

The New God Candidate:

Platinum End Episode 9 brings fan another God candidate. The opening of the episode made everyone very anxious as to who is this mysterious candidate. Later on, we get to see the flashback of our newest God candidate.

Hajime Sokotani lived his whole life in poverty and to top that he was very Hideous. Society used to mock him and his mother for the way they lived and looked. One day upon returning home, Sokotani discovers his mom hanged from the ceiling. He is very upset and remembering everything he has gone through he decides to hang himself too.

Platinum End
New God Candidate; Hajime Sokotani

As he was about to hang himself, an angel appears in front of him. And thus Hajime became a god candidate chosen by angel Balta. He wants to become a servant of Metropoliman and see how he shapes this world.

Platinum End Episode 9: Recap

Previously we saw the introduction of a new god candidate, Hajime Sokotani. To prove his intentions of becoming the servant of metropoliman, he discovers the identity of Mukaido’s family and abducts them. He lays this trap and also destroys the wedding dress back at Mukaido’s home.

Later metropoliman calls Mukaido and points him towards Sokotani. Hearing this Mukaido and Mirai leaves quickly. Mirai asks Saki to stay back as things can go bad, and she doesn’t have wings yet. Saki feels left out and thinks will she be able to help anyone. Listening to what saki said, Angle Revel goes back to consuming the knowledge and finding a way to get Saki her wings.

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