Platinum End is a Japanese manga by Tsugumi Ohba. Finally, the manga is getting its anime adaptation. Yes, you read correctly, the supernatural thriller will have its own anime series. Its manga recently ended with the latest chapter on the 6th of January.

So let’s see what we can expect from the anime and what is it actually about. Platinum End is directed by Hideya Takahashi, The Character design by Kōji Ōdate. The anime will be releasing around fall  2021, while no date is set for the premiere so far.

What to Expect from this Supernatural Thriller:

Platinum End is rated 18+, for its partial nudity and bloody scenes.  We can assume that anime will also include bloody scenes and nudity will be censored, obviously. Apart from this, the anime is from the creators of death note, fans can expect a great storyline. The tone of the anime will be dark. So maybe not everyone will be liking it, which is the case with some of the manga readers. overall it will be a delight for the platinum end manga readers, and death note fans as well.

Platinum End

As fans very well know that Death note was known for the involvement of supernatural objects and the rules attached to them. Platinum End introduces Angles, wings, and Arrows replacing Shinigami and notebook. As Light became the god with death note, here person acquiring wings/arrows will become a candidate for becoming a god.

About Platinum End:

If you are not a manga reader and want to be surprised by the plot, then skip this part. Potential spoilers ahead.

Mirai Kakehashi is tired of his uncle and aunt’s abusive behavior and wants to kill himself. while committing suicide, he meets an angel who tells the truth about his parent’s death. Nasse is the name of the angel, who grants Mirai powers. which in turn Mirai uses to bring justice.

Platinum End Anime

Further Nasse explains to Mirai that there are 13 candidates, to replace god. who will no longer exist after 999 days from now? To gain the position of a god, Mirai must take part in this deadly competition and must be willing to go the extra yard.

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