Platinum End Episode 15

Howdy guys, in this post, we are going to be talking about Platinum End Episode 15. We’ve included details regarding the episode such as the official release date and where you can watch it officially without any trouble. So, let’s get started:-


Platinum End Episode 15

In the previous episode of the Platinum end, we saw that Two Lights, Metropolitan and Mirai, are fighting one-on-one, and Metro wonders if Mirai has a plan now that he doesn’t have his wings. Mirai, according to Mukaido, is clearly confronting the genuine Metro, not an imitation. Metro then reveals his face, indicating that he is who he claims to be. Mirai thanked him for reassuring him that he was fighting the right guy, and Mirai’s Red Arrow blasted Metro.

What is the release date of Platinum End Episode 15?

According to our sources, It is going to release on January 21, 2024. The anime airs every Friday and since it’s just Saturday, that means fans have to wait a full week which is going to feel very long.

Where to watch Platinum End Episode 15?

Here are the links to the official sites: CrunchyrollFunimation.

These both offer Dubs in many languages and you can become a member to watch Anime. They also give a free premium which you can try before purchasing if you are not sure.

(Please use official sites for watching anime or reading manga, as it shows your support towards your favorite animes).

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