PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 is the latest console among all of the PlayStations.

PlayStations, the name itself represents the gaming world. The name is from Sony Interactive Entertainment which is a division of Sony. Targets every kid to have some fun in the free time.


List of Playstations before PlayStation 5

PlayStation Portable

Starting with PSP (PlayStation Portable) enters into the market with a new type called PlayStation with a joystick to turn this world into a gaming world. With a Rectangle screen and buttons on either side for character movements and attacks etc.


PSP is not only limited to playing games, you can even watch movies, play music pretty much like having a smartphone in your kid’s hands. Later the game changed with every new version from Sony.

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The gaming world is changed from portable to entertainment at your home, limiting the users to play within a range of 10 meters with joysticks & with a traditional look. Though they are priced high, they are worth playing.

First PlayStation Console

At that time still, everything is developing graphics that are not highly intensive to give goosebumps as compared to the PlayStation 2.

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PlayStation 2

PlayStation 2

This PlayStation 2 console has a lot of impact on the later development of the PlayStations, all from heavy intensive graphic games to fully involve in the game character, CD (Compact Disc) which are to be inserted into the PlayStation.

You can store only a game on CD, which limits the player to have plenty of CD’s to play different kinds of the game they want at any movement, right from the PlayStation 1 you need to connect with a TV with the ports.

They are also providing the HDMI cable to play the games in full quality though, but the game should support it before you play, Even to save your game where you left they are providing a memory card for that which has 8MB memory from basic.

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PlayStation 3

The limitation with PS2 is over, the consoles are now wireless and you don’t need to insert CD. This PlayStation 3 has internal storage pretty much to store everything you want up to 100 games.

When you ran out of memory, you can rewrite with another new game. No need for a memory card as well. There is nothing much improvement apart from the continuation series regarding games.

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PlayStation 4

The gaming industry is getting better over years, bringing the new PlayStation 4 that has a storage capacity of 500GB or 1TB and the potential to play Blueray motion control games.

The quality of games and graphics improving a lot, So many gamers love PlayStation. While the feedbacks and vibrations of the console while playing are triggering gamers.

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PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 is a unique device, with the latest technology embedded in it. Because haptics in the game controller improved a lot So, even you can feel the difference when you are walking on land and ice.

Integrated with the internal NVMe SSD, powerful GPU & CPU. Which makes this PlayStation. Earlier PlayStations games run on low FPS and seem to be slow on providing input.

Now games are improving so that you can play them at higher FPS. While PlayStation’s price is getting expensive after every new model. So as the features are packed in the games & experience.

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