Chartering a private jet offers a person various benefits that the people flying on a regular-ticketed flight can only dream of. While there are some perfectly mundane options like bringing along an oxygen tank or allowing your pet to enjoy the same space as yourself freely, have you ever wondered just how wild or unique the services and amenities of a private jet can get? This article highlights some of private aviation’s most impressive and storied features.


Private Viewing Bubble

While this notion is separate from concept jets, this patented idea involves a pair of swiveling chairs surrounded by a dome made of sturdy glass so that passengers can enjoy a panoramic view above where the clouds settle. Provided no issues arise with the patent, this could soon be a feature available on any vessel, subject to private jet availability.

Private Veranda


The Lufthansa Airbus A330 Explorer features a folding veranda that extends out to just over 13 feet to give you and your guests a view of the surrounding environs before and after your flight takes off for its destination, possibly while enjoying refreshments you ordered to be explicitly stocked for the occasion.

Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) Operation

One of the more novel jet concepts that seem tantalizingly real is the notion of a private jet equipped with VTOL features. Much like a harrier, this avionic system means that a pilot only needs to worry about vertical clearance when departing or arriving. The XTI Trifan 600 is one such concept jet and can cover as much as 1,200 miles of space while peaking out its speed at an impressive 400 mph.

A Full-Service Kitchen with Staff


If your tastes are more specific than choosing between “chicken or fish,” some private jets offer a kitchen fully equipped with whatever ingredients you want a professional chef to prepare. This is an outstanding feature as it means you can enjoy whatever sort of dishes you like while flying as fast or as slow as your flight is planned for, whether it is slow-cooked BBQ pork or flash-fried chicken nuggets with a specific dipping sauce.

A Proper Dining Room


Some designer jets not only feature every mechanism necessary to run a full-service kitchen and will go the extra mile by offering a separate, distinct dining room to enjoy whatever custom-ordered fare you intended for your flight. While some people may fly with only a small party and thus only need a four-seat arrangement, others may be flying with their company’s entire C-Suite. In addition, some dining rooms offer full table service for that latter group of passengers.

An Onboard Gym

Some passengers are always looking to improve their bodies, and some private jets offer exercise equipment to satisfy clients who would instead build up a sweat than lounge about in their seats. While the most common type of equipment tends to be lightweight cycling gear because the jet still needs to be able to fly without undue weight, some facilities will let you know of your spatial options so you can consult with your trainer to come up with a routine that can be pursued while en route.

The All-Smartphone Flight Experience


Regular passengers are often told to turn off their cellular devices while a plane is in operation. Yet, some private jets have gained an understanding of how vital our cellular devices have become to our daily lives. These jetliners will allow you to turn your smartphone into a remote control for the lighting, temperature, and ambient music of your flight experience or even use it as a call button for flight staff if you have any concerns.

The Final Boarding Call

Private jets offer a world of possibilities to the curious traveler. While some of them are just in the concept stage right now, many other luxuries are available to anyone willing to charter the right private jet service for whatever their needs and interests during a private flight may be.