PUBG Mobile 0.10.0
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Hey, everyone. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBGM) by Tencent Games will get 0.10.0 update today for its mobile app on both Android and iOS platforms. In this article I will go in detail about the new PUBG Mobile 0.8.1 Update with new gun Berryl M762 AR, Hardcore Mode, New Snow Area in Erangel, Scooter in Sanhok, Season 4 RP and more rare premium clothing and how to download it. Here is the tentative Live Countdown to this major update. Subscribe to our Reddit community for more Updates.



Download here (Refresh these links):

Apple App Store Link.        Google Play Store Link.

Servers won’t go offline this time. Both App Stores may take more time with the updated App’s security checks before making it available to the public. All rights to Tencent Games.

Season 4 of the PUBG Mobile will bring more firearm finishes, rare outfits, new character faces and hairstyles, fine tuned redemption feature, mission cards, special Black Friday packs discount events, increased odds of certain Crate drops.

Key Patch Notes for new Update with Season 4

1. Beyrl M762 Assault Rifle in all maps- This the new weapon we can see in 0.10 update. This weapon will be better than AKM. Beryl M762 is a Assault rifle and fires 7.62 mm round. This gun is a high damage gun with less recoil.

2. New Vehicle Scooter- You can drive Scooter in the map of Sanhok, it will be a 2 seater.

3. Winter Season theme- This new feature will be added to game. You can see the winter snowy season in part of Zharki in Erangel.

4. Rainy weather- This is also a new and one of the best feature added to game in 0.10 pubg mobile global update. The rainy weather will be dynamic in Sanhok map. You can see the rain any time during the  game play.

5. Improvement in Game- You can see some new graphical improvement and bug fixes in this update.

6. Added Hardcore Mode to provide the same experience as PC that is no footsteps, no auto pickup and reload, no bullet pointers, great difficulty etc.

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