The popularity of browline frames, which have been available since the middle of the 1940s, peaked in the 1950s. However, browline spectacles are making a significant comeback because of the current trend of reviving vintage styles. They actually rank among today’s most popular options. So, what exactly are browline frames? And how can you pick the ideal one for your requirements?


What exactly are browlines?


The name browline glasses comes from the frame’s distinctive upper half, which is significantly thicker than the lower part. They are called browlines because of the thickness at the level of the brows, and the opposing shapes have a distinctive way of framing the face. These spectacles, developed by Shuron Ltd. in 1947, gained popularity right away and even served as symbols for several social movements. Malcolm X’s characteristic appearance, which was also adopted by those who supported his cause, was a pair of men’s browline glasses.

The popularity of browline glasses frames began to decline in the 1960s, but they never totally disappeared. Meanwhile, the hipster movement and renaissance have led to a resurgence of browline frames over the past two decades.

How to Buy Browline Glasses


Although both men’s and women’s browline glasses come in a variety of styles, there are a few things to keep in mind if you don’t want to be unhappy with your purchase. You can choose between rounder, more streamlined designs and square eyeglasses with clearly defined browlines. Understanding your face shape and how it corresponds with other possibilities is crucial, though.

Quality is still another vital factor, so you can buy glasses from reputable glasses brands like EFE, Zenni, Felix Gray, etc, who provide cutting-edge glasses for your needs. Additionally, you ought to consider the lenses that you require for your eyes. A thinner glasses frame could be necessary for some of the stronger lenses.

What facial features go well with browline glasses?


Generally speaking, browline eyewear is wonderful for people who have narrow foreheads since it makes them appear wider and more balanced. Although there are considerations for each face shape, it’s not too difficult to match this frame with any face shape because of many variants of the current browline.

Oval face

If you have an oblong face, it helps to make it more square and wider to wear browline frame spectacles. The oblong face is known for being elongated; thus, wearing these glasses helps to better balance your facial proportions.

You will be able to draw attention to your jawline strength and cheekbone depth, which are unnoticeable without the glasses, thanks to the browline’s robust upper and narrow wireframe.

Diamond face


The distinctive features of the diamond-shaped face include prominent cheekbones and an angular jawline. With this facial shape, a browline frame gives extra mass to balance out the rather narrow forehead. If you choose glasses with a softened browline, you can also soften your chiselled cheekbones and jaw. The diamond face shape can be readily accentuated by excessive browline forms. Thus it is preferable to choose regular-sized types.

Square face

The prominent facial characteristics of square faces are muted by browline glasses, which give this imposing shape a reflecting appearance. It softens your chiselled jaw and cheekbones, giving you a serious and incredibly attractive look.