Blue Exorcist Chapter 131

Blue Exorcist is on its way to something big and we all know it. Why the sudden excitement you ask? well, now the team faces more pressure as they are competing with all the other ongoing manga series who have upped their game this year. In order to not stoop down their ranks and manga sales, they will have to provide an immense amount of plot twist with fan service. But the main part would lie in the hands of the main character as proper character development would spark interest in readers once again. In this blog, we let you in on the latest news regarding Blue Exorcist Chapter 131.


Blue Exorcist Chapter 131 Release Date

According to Viz Media, Blue Exorcist Chapter 131 Release Date has been confirmed to be June 3rd, 2024. Since there was a 2-month delay previously for Blue Exorcist, it can be said that there might not be a delay for the latest chapters to come. Nevertheless, there is always a possibility for the unexpected to happen due to the pandemic. We will make sure to update you regarding the release date of Blue Exorcist Chapter 131 if and when we receive an update on the same.

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