After everything Senku and his team had been through, they ended back to square one. The Petri-beam was a success and now the entire world has turned humans into stone statues just like the beginning. But the only difference now is that all the stone statues are well aware that they will be revived one fine day. This assurance was very well claimed by Senku as he says that he should start counting again. This blogpost will update you on “Read Dr. Stone Chapter 194 Online, Back To Square One!! Latest Updates!”

Dr Stone Chapter 194 Release Date

Dr Stone Chapter 194 release date is confirmed to be 25th April 2021. The latest chapter of Dr Stone will release next week as usual without any further delays unlike previous chapters. This section of the article will be updated in the event of there being an unexpected update pertaining to the release date of Dr Stone Chapter 194. Make sure to stay informed with us to know more about all the latest updates and news of all the ongoing manga.

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