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Previously we saw Suika getting hyped up to save everyone so she starts gathering up everyone in one place to ensure their safety. During the process, she mistakingly breaks one arm but later tries her best to fix it. The entire chapter was an emotional roller coaster showing Suika sad, happy and confused. But in the end, she was able to figure things out and finds out that Senku had the formula to make the revival fluid. This article will enlighten you on everything you need to know about “Read Dr Stone Chapter 196 – “Suika Makes The Revival Fluid”!”


Dr Stone Chapter 196 Release Date

Read Dr Stone Chapter 196 -

Unlike last time, this week there seems to be no delay in the release of Dr Stone Chapter 196. Fans can rejoice as we will see if Suika can actually make the revival fluid herself or go back to finding the remains of the fluid. Dr Stone Chapter 196 Release Date is confirmed to be May 23rd, 2024. If you would like to know more about delays and release dates of Dr Stone manga and other ongoing manga series, then we highly recommend staying updated with us as we post all the latest anime/manga updates and news.

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