Hunting is a recreational activity that is practiced in many parts of the world. A good hunter is one who is skilled, one who has excellent observational skills and agility. Thus, being agile is vital in order to be a good hunter. But when a person has to hunt on a cold winter night, the chilling cold and frost may affect his ability to hunt properly. So hand warmers are an essential element in a hunter’s gear.


Why Are Hand Warmers So Important For Hunters?

Hand warmers can be of many types. Some people use simple gloves and mittens. But these affect the ability to move your fingers, and they reduce your hunting ability. Apart from gloves and mittens, people use a gel-based solution that uses a metal disc to form crystals. The process of crystallization determines the amount of heat produced.

However, most modern hand warmers run on a battery. The battery heats the warmer by using an electric current. They are rechargeable if the battery can be recharged. So if you are keen on having a successful hunting expedition on cold frosty nights, you should check out the best rechargeable hand warmers.

Some Great Rechargeable Hand Warmers For Hunters

The Ocoopa 118s


This is a modern rechargeable hand warmer that comes with a 5200 mAH battery. It comes in a variety of colors like black, pink, orange, etc., and is readily available in eCommerce shops. It costs around twenty five dollars, and the company offers great customer support six days a week.

The battery is easily rechargeable; hence, these are better than the use-and-throw hand warmers. It is a long term investment if you plan on going on hunting expeditions every year. The working of the device is quite simple. You need to switch on the main power button, and the machine starts warming up almost immediately ( in around three seconds).

The only challenge with this device is that the battery takes a long time to recharge. However, the company keeps making upgrades to its model, and the latest models have greatly improved features. Also, the rate of discharge of the battery depends upon your usage of the glove. If you want your battery to last long, then you can change the setting accordingly.

These hand warmers are not only great for hunting on cold nights, but they are also great for protecting against frost bites or cracking skin on cold days. They can be safely used by people of all ages. They are soft and comfortable and do not irritate the skin.

They are suitable from a traveler’s point of view because the older versions of this model come with a sling that goes around the waist area. This sling makes it very easy to carry on outdoor tours.

The only problem is that regulating the temperature might be slightly tricky after reaching high temperatures. Nonetheless, this device has excellent user ratings and will turn out to be an excellent long term investment.

The Hand Warmers From Haomaomao


These hand warmers are easily available online, and they are pretty affordable, given the good discounts that are available in most online stores. They come with a 5200 mAh battery, and they can be easily used as power banks. So if you have gone hunting in an isolated place on a winter night, then this device can keep you warm, and at the same time, it can recharge your phone.

The battery comes with a USB cable connection, and it can be used to charge many electronic devices like mobile phones, digital cameras, etc.

They are easy to carry because they are small and can easily fit in your pocket. They are lightweight, and they weigh less than a kilogram. Since hand warmers are an essential part of your hunting kit, a small, lightweight device reduces the overall weight of your hunting bag.

These warmers come with a simple, easy-to-understand display that shows the temperature of the device. It has multiple temperature-based heating modes, and you can change the setting depending on the ambient temperature in an area. If the ambient air is slightly cold, then you can use it at around 104 degrees Fahrenheit. However, if it gets more chilly, the temperature can increase to 114 or even up to 124 degrees Fahrenheit.

It gets heated quickly, and it takes around 3 seconds to start working after the power button is switched on. The warmth lasts for about eight hours once the battery has been fully recharged. It has an easy-to-understand system of indicator lights. There is a green light that indicates that the power has been switched on. There is a red light that indicates that the temperature is rising.

The Hand Warmers From Jialexin


A pack contains two warmers, and it can be used as a heater or as a USB power bank for charging other devices like mobile phones. It can warm to three different temperatures and adjust the temperature using the settings button.

It is small in size and is around five inches long and four inches wide. It is lightweight and can easily fit inside the pocket. They are also comfortable to use and do not irritate the skin.


A rechargeable hand warmer is a great investment for hunters and adventure enthusiasts like hikers, bikers, etc. They not only keep you warm, but they can also be of great help if your phone battery runs out of charge in the middle of a hunting expedition. They are great as gift items, and they can be used by people of all age groups. So if you are someone who is always confused about buying gifts for your loved one, you can give these hand warmers a try.

Most of the warmers discussed above have great reviews from existing users, proving that these products are worth the money. So if you are interested in winter hunting, you can consider purchasing a long-lasting, rechargeable hand warmer.