Record Of Ragnarok: Chapter 58

“What happens when Gods meet Humans” Find the answer by yourself in the Record Of Ragnarok anime as the pride of gods clashes against the resolve of the humans. The anime is all set to release this year and we can witness this amazing battle between them. The anime takes us on a journey of epic crossover between the mythological gods and the historical legends. They fight a duel to determine where the fate of humanity goes. let’s know everything about Record Of Ragnarok: Epic Duel Between Gods And Humans


Release Date and Trailer

The production house has released the new trailer of Record Of Ragnarok in which they show us a glimpse of the 13vs13 ultimate showdown between gods and humans. The exact release date of the show is not yet confirmed but the show will stream globally from June 2024. You can binge-watch the anime exclusively on Netflix.

The trailer also features s the opening theme song titled ‘Kamigami’. The music has been given by the Japanese rock band Maximum the Hormone. The band says the song is based on the compilation of powerup moments and intense battle moments of the anime. The ending theme song for the show is going to be performed by Symag, a popular quiet. The song is titled “Inevitable (Fukahi)”.

Inside the Trailer

Further, we also get a glimpse of Lu Bu fighting with Thor on par. We also got to see various other mighty warriors and gods like Adam, Brunhild, Zeus, Shiva, Aphrodite, Kojiro, Sasaki, and Poseidon. The show starts when Brunhild provokes gods by saying, “Are you chickening out”, and thereby making them accept her proposal by hurting their ego.

The whole human civilization is on a verge of extinction and everything depends on this final face-off between gods and humans. The condition is if the humans manage to become the first team to win 7 rounds, another 1000 years of humanity will be secured for them.  Humans are nothing but disposable files to the gods. So what you think can humans surpass the gods and somehow stop this catastrophe? The answer can be only known after watching the show.

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About the Record of Ragnarok

Also popular by the name of Shuumatsu no Valkyrieis a seinen manga written by Fukui Takumi. The manga has been serialized in Monthly Comic Zenon magazine since 2017. It is now in the hands of gods whether to allow humankind to live or perish. Gods concluded that humanity ought to be destroyed. However, things change when the solitary Valkyrie put his suggestion to give them one chance and mankind battles one final fight.

Because of this recommendation humanity can substantiate themselves and proceed to live. The stated earlier, 13 gods will battle 13 humans in a one-on-one fight to choose whether humankind lives or not. I guess now you know all about Record Of Ragnarok: Epic Duel Between Gods And Humans

Cast and Character

Coming to the cast and key visuals, immortal gods like Thor, Poseidon, and Zeus are seen fighting the three greatest human warriors Adam, Lu Bu, and Kojiro.

Soma Saito was seen playing Adam, Takahiro Sakurai as Poseidon, Hikaru Midorikawa as Thor, Tomokazu Seki as Lu Bu, and Wataru Takagi as Zeus. The cast looks star-studded which is going to be so lovely to watch. This is also one of the reasons you should give this show a try.

Don’t forget to watch the official trailer of Record of Ragnarok