Redo Of Healer Episode 6

To save Ice Wold Clan from the slave trade sellers, Keyaru and Flare help Setsuna. While Kureha receives the news that there is a troop that has been wiped out. But, the Knights comment some of them are caught while some of them managed to escape. One of the Knights says it is the Hero of the sword who appeared and saved the slaves.

The Hero uses krylet’s sword technique. While Keyaru is waiting, where two hotties are playing nearby pond. He is glad about having the two ladies. Keyaru notices that the girls are too hot and he goes to them. Setsuna comments it is not good to do it. Keyaru tells her that it is a sweet surprise and she comments that she likes it.

Redo Of Healer Episode 6


Redo Of Healer Episode 6 Release Date

Keyaru asks flare to join them. But, she only likes it when it is only two of them. While Redo of Healer Episode 6 will be aired on Wednesday 18 February 2023. Even you can watch this anime from the official sites listed below.

Previously on Episode 5:

When Keyaru’s tank is emptied, they headed towards a village. Setsuna didn’t like it since it is a village where the slaves are sold. Keyaru told her that don’t go near to them. When they pass near the passage, the old geezer who is drinking booze asks Keyaru to sell the Ice Wolf Clan girl. Also, he comments that he will take care of her. After he notices that he has only one gold piece and he replies that she cost more than a thousand gold pieces.

The Recipe

But, the geezer thinks that he’s old enough and decides to attack Keyaru. Keyaru uses him and finds that the geezer is one of the enemies who ran away from the battle. They took his badge and kills him with Wolf ice claws.

He praises Setsuna as she is getting stronger but, she is glad that all her strength is coming from Keyaru’s seed. The Trio met with Ledra Goldman doing some business potions with him. But Goldman is concerned that they arrived late and he thought they are giving up.

Redo Of Healer Episode 6

He calls Keyaru by his name and he asks Goldman if he should also call him by his true name, Quinta. He comments that he just wanted Keyaru to tell him a recipe for the portion. Since the business partners that would like the manufacture of the product on a wide-scale have come along.

Keyaru comments that it means they couldn’t deny those business partners. Because they have more status and wealth than Goldman, Keyaru gets angry and comments that Goldman wanted to betray him.

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