The writer and illustrator duo, Nachi Kio and Eretto took to Twitter to announce that their anime project has been greenlit for a television anime adaptation. In this blog, we will discuss everything there is to know about this recent announcement and what Remake Our Life! has to offer.

Remake Our Life! Release Date

Remake Our Life! Release Date

Remake Our Life! is not your usual time travel manga. It has unique elements like superb comedy. The manga initially started in 2018 and has a total of 4 volumes so far. But the original source material is its light novel series. The light novel series began early in 2017 and has completed a total of 8 volumes. Remake Our Life! is something most fans are looking forward to as it is very interesting and keeps you wanting for more. Its plot and character development are really good and makes you feel lively when you read it.

As for the release date of Remake Our Life!, no official date or month has been provided by the sources. Remake Our Life! is set to release its Television Anime Adaptation series in 2021.

About Remake Our Life!

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The story revolves around Kyōya Hashiba who is a failed gamed director. He loses all his money when his company fails and ends up staying at his parent’s house. But one day everything changes for Hashiba. He suddenly wakes up 10 years in the past where he was an ordinary college student. Kyōya Hashiba uses this opportunity to make everything right but he seems to forget something. All actions have consequences, and not everything goes right all the time.

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