Resident Evil Village’s Inventory being compared to Resident Evil 4?

Village Resident Evil 4

Fans waiting for the Resident Evil 4 remake are not getting the announcement they were hoping for from the franchises as the recent showcase suggest, but there were some parts of the new release of the Resident Evil village which drew an immense comparison to the very fan-favorite game of the franchise with resident evil 4. Resident Evil Village making the intro set in a gloomy castle setting the mirror tone from the chapter of resident evil 4 stories.

Once again in the story, it has a merchant like “the Duke” from R.E 4 who sells players items for the inventory. Even the inventory management system is also compared by many fans directly to resident evil 4’s interface.

During the Resident Evil Village release date showcase, it has been openly discussed in the video on YouTube that was released on January 2023 around at 37:35 point in the video where it is specifically discussed on the interface of an inventory system that player has to manage and the fans instantly resemble the attachment case from R.E 4.

In which the question is being raised on the inspirations for the creators of the game. Even Peter Fabiano the producer of resident evil village openly said in the video that “some of you will remember or similar management system and R.E 4 this time around we have added crafting which allows you to create items like first aid and ammo and there have also been assortments of weapons and which can be utilized throughout the game.”

In Resident Evil 4 the character named “The Duke ” will be selling Ethan the supplies that he needs for his journey along with the storyline where the Duke is familiar with the exploitation that Ethan’s going to do. Peter Fabiano continued by saying ” the motion makes a return this time he is known as the Duke you will be going to him to buy and sell weapons among all the other things that you can buy or sell for crafting new items crafting is a new technique that has been introduced”.

Here the director also wanted to give him a unique look from the brief look we have got from the event the Duke looks to be a bit more involved than the merchant from R.E 4.

As the report says Capcom’s R.E 4 remake hasn’t been officially announced but, surely, we can say that it has hit a little bit of slag here and there as recent reports are not accurate about the release date itself.

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