return of the disaster class hero manhwa

Are you looking for a new Manhwa Recommendation? Return of the Disaster Class Hero Manhwa is here for you. If you are looking for something to catch up with after Solo Leveling ended– we have got the recommendation right here for you.

So, what are the similarities? Why should you read the new manhwa? More importantly- Is it anywhere near Solo Leveling? We have all the details for you right here. From the plot to reading platforms- we have everything down right here for you. Let’s take a look:


About Return of the Disaster Class Hero

Return of the Disaster Class Hero is an extremely recent manhwa that just started in 2024. With just a bit over 20 chapters- the piece won our hearts with its thrilling plot, action, and comedy.

The original piece is written in Korean. But, there are a lot of translations available for the work. If you are thinking about the similarities with Solo Leveling, the number one would be the art style. Their art styles are pretty similar. Packed with both action and comedy- it is a good replacement for Solo Leveling.

return of the disaster class hero manhwa

Also, the main character in the manhwa is eerily similar to that of Solo Leveling. He is both arrogant as well as strong. This new series is a great read and something to think about picking up. If you love Solo Leveling, you are bound to fall in love with Return of the Disaster Class Hero as well.

The Plot

There once was the strongest Hero on earth. “But he died though. How does a guy we killed gonna come back?” “I know right. But if there was a way to come back, he would come back.” But did he really come back after 20 years? “What are you so surprised about? Why. Did you do something to feel guilty about?” You bastards. I won’t let you get away with it.

This is the official synopsis given on the site.

During a raid on the tower of the devil the legendary hero and 13th member of the 12 Saints, Lee Gun died, sacrificing himself for humanity. Or so it’s thought, instead, Lee Gun was betrayed as he fought and defeated the great evil Red Eyes, betrayed by one of the 12 Saints Lee Gun was trapped at the bottom of the tower, surrounded by thousands of regenerating monsters. The rest of the Saints exited the tower with their spoils and lied to the world, now 20 years later, Lee Gun is finally free and out for revenge.

return of the disaster class hero manhwa

This is all we have on Return of the Disaster Class Hero Manhwa right now. We will be back with other anime and manga-related news soon. Till then, stay tuned with us. You might want to read the latest development on Attack on Titan Final Season.

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