Sakamoto Days is one of the popular manga and fans are waiting eagerly for the next chapter. So today we are here to discuss Sakamoto Days Chapter 62. The post will give you everything from Release Date to spoilers to where you can read. And without any more delay, let’s just dive right into the world of Sakamoto.

The applicants with our protagonists were descending in Chapter 61, titled “Pretty Decent,” when Kanaguri wrecked the plane. The unexpected turn in the test weighed heavily on the head administrator.

Fortunately, another administrator suggested that the circumstance be considered for the second part of the test. Mr. Sakamoto inspires Akira to create a parachute out of their garments. Looking at Akira’s work, Mr. Sakamoto questioned how she acquired such exceptional abilities.

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Sakamoto Days Chapter 62:


Following Kanaguri’s damage to the plane, this chapter continues with all of the applicants meeting their demise. As he parachutes down, Usami, the head test administrator, is irritated that he will be liable for the unexpected turn.

Other admins agree with him that bringing Kanaguri was a mistake, and one suggests a solution. Given the current scenario, Atou suggests that they make it part two of the JCC test, which Usami thinks is brilliant.

Usami says that the second portion of the test has commenced, with the same prerequisites for passing. Mafuyu’s cries are dramatic, while Shin, Mr. Sakamoto, and Akira are despondent. While filming, Kanaguri is happy with the outcomes.

Mr. Sakamoto amazes Akira by planning ahead while everyone else is worrying that they will collapse. Mr. Sakamoto thinks he can make a parachute out of his apron, but it doesn’t work. When Akira sees the man’s perseverance, he is motivated to keep going. Akira has an idea and urges everyone to lend their garments after realizing her skills are more suited to housekeeping.

Akira rapidly sews the cloths together to create a functional parachute. Everyone grabs the piece of cloth and braces for impact in the ocean now that the parachute is ready. Mr. Sakamoto and the rest of the gang make it to the beach alive.

Release Date:

Sakamoto Days Chapter 62 will be released on Sunday, March 13, 2024. According to the official sources. And as we all know Sakamoto Days is a weekly manga, released every Sunday. If there’s a change in the dates this article will be updated accordingly. So stay tuned for the updates.

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