Sarazanmai Episode 2

Known for his weird distinctive, surreal and well-grounded shows, Ikuhara is a one of the most acclaimed Anime Director out in the industry. His work explores the themes of humanity, society, adolescence, and love.

In addition to his newest work, Sarazanmai recently premiered and left veterans and first-timers with mixed feelings. Fans were quite shocked by the bizarre and weird directional style but were stunned by gorgeous visuals and music tracks and left asking for more.

So, as the Sarazanmai Episode 2 release is coming closer it’s about time we should look into its synopsis and preview images and discuss what it has to offer.

Synopsis Sarazanmai Episode 2- Second Dish

Sarazanmai comes with some side effects of it. Yet Kazuki is wandering in the city looking for his today’s lucky selfie item. On the way, he met Toi and started moving together. Enta, on the other hand, finds out Toi’s one big secret…….

Web Preview

Preview Images

When will Sarazanmai Episode 2 will release?

The Sarazanmai episode 2 will release on April, 19th.

Where to watch Sarazanmai Episode 2?

You can stream the second episode through Crunchyroll.

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