Is Sasuke's or Naruto's Ultimate Sacrifice Inevitable in Boruto?

Sasuke’s death in Boruto? Sasuke’s ultimate sacrifice in Boruto?- Questions like these have been going around the internet and between the fans for quite some time now. With proper facts and theories if we address these circulating theories the best possible answers can be found.

It is a well-known fact that Sasuke is one of the strongest characters in the Boruto arc after Naruto. He also is known as the strongest Uchiha clan member alive. During the 4th great ninja war, his involvement in crucially defeating Madara, Obito, and Kaguya along with Naruto was seen as one of the few good deeds he has done during Shippuden. Having very little screen time in Boruto he made sure that he makes every moment mesmerizing.

The latest chapter will be Boruto Chapter 55 written by the original author of Naruto.


Is Naruto or Sasuke going to die, is Naruto still alive in 2024?

There is a chance of Naruto or Sasuke dying as the Manga has been given back to original Naruto writer Masashi Kishimoto. And he will definitely do something to Naruto or Sasuke that’s for sure. Naruto got unconscious in Chapter 54, his current status is unknown. We think that he is definitely not dead. Take this as a grain of salt.

Is Boruto Anime going well in 2024?

Yes obviously currently the franchise is going really insane with a huge amount of viewership and getting bigger as ever and anime is also adapting the super hit manga chapters of the battle against Kara which is going really great.

Now the question arises will Sasuke eventually die in the series? This is because unlike the Seventh Hokage Naruto, Sasuke has a very conserved chakra (nobody knows what happened to the one who went against Momoshiki alongside Naruto).

On the direction the series is leading to it may be inevitable after all because last few times in the series we have seen Sasuke encounter enemies that you have trouble standing up to. Speculation in chapter 53 is that he will lose his Rinnegan and can no longer use all the OP Jutsus. Also, he cannot defeat any enemy with one arm and such a little chakra reserve.

If Naruto is dead like we speculate, Sasuke could easily use Rinnerebirth on him. But if he loses his Rinnegan then the only thing he could do is use the forbidden Jutsu. Maybe this forbidden allows him to give up his life to save Naruto.

He might use a similar Jutsu like Chiyo used when he wanted to revive Gaara in exchange for her own life. Also in the very beginning of Boruto when we saw a destroyed Konoha, Boruto was standing on the stone faces wearing Sasuke’s outer coat, his shinobi headband, and was holding his sword. This might be because he is dead and as patron to his master Boruto was wearing his accessories. All these factors point towards Sasuke’s imminent death in Boruto.

Conclusion about Sasuke’s Ultimate Sacrifice

So we can say there are somewhere around 90% chances of Sasuke dying or getting sealed. As we previously even saw Naruto Became extremely Powerful after Jiraya Sensei died. So it is not wrong to speculate that Boruto will become someone to avenge Sasuke as he is very similar to him. Even During the latest episodes and news, we can conclude Kawaki is having a resemblance towards Naruto and Boruto resonating with Sasuke.