Scissor Seven Season 3 Coming on Netflix or Not?
Scissor Seven Season 3 Coming on Netflix or Not?

This is about Scissor Seven Season 3 Coming on Netflix or Not? Almost all the anime that originate in Japan always gain widespread recognition internationally. This stereotype was proven wrong by the Chinese anime Scissor Seven. With lots of comedy and so many twists and turns, the show has created a huge fan base across the globe. The anime was released on Bilibili named Chinese network.

The network was only Limited to the Chinese region. Later Netflix bought the rights, and license to release it on their network. The show also goes by the name Killer Seven.  The anime has a runtime of only 15 minutes for each episode. The character development and art are impressive. Fight scenes shown in the series are quite amazing, and makers have put immense effort into the execution of it. Now let’s find the truth behind the rumor Scissor Seven Season 3 Coming on Netflix or Not?

The anime was directed as well as created by He Xiaofen. Season 1 of the show was released in2018, and the next season was released last year in 2020. The show became the first Chinese anime to be nominated for Annecy International Animated Film Festival in 2018. And the rare part is it has got a global fan base. It is possible only when the show is brilliantly illustrated and animated. Fans are now impatiently waiting for Netflix to renew the show for season 3.

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Scissor Seven Overview

The show nicely blends with action and supernatural powers. The story revolves around Seven, an amnesiac barber by the day and deadly assassin by night. He lost his memories at the age of 19. Right now he is 21, and before the memory loss, he was a ruthless killer and extremely strong. He also mastered a thousand daggers, one of the very powerful swords.

After the memory loss ha has turned into a silly character who hardly completes any of his tasks. The story involves an amazing adventure, as  Seven trains to become an assassin again. Our hero is extremely ironic and sometimes incompetent at his job. On his journey, Seven meets Thirteen another assassin, with whom he often flirts. Although he is always rejected.

As the story moves on the show is slowly enters the domain of justice and secrets from rib-tickling humor. He becomes a part of Killer League just to recall his past. And by the end of season 2 Seven has regained some parts of his memory.

Scissor Seven: Season 3 Release Date

Season 3 was released on 21st January 2023 in the Chinese version. The show was released on the Tencent Video platform. We are expecting the English version of season 3 on Netflix around mid-2021. It is because it takes few months to release the English version on Netflix.

Season three was shortly announced after the end of season 2. And on January 21 Chinese dubbed version was released. Right now the show is not available with English subtitles and also outside of China. Sadly Netflix has not given any hints on when the show will release but with a lot of pressure from the fans they are bound to update it soon.

Scissor Seven: Season 3- Expectations

The show is more than just a hilarious comedy, it is action a packed show also with some romantic parts. We already told you that it has got fantastic character development along with mysteries and thrills. We see some supernatural powers possessed by the lead character. This includes Seven’s eye turning red when he gets serious, and also his ability to control scissors through his mind.

The next season is going to unfold more of Seven’s past life and his journey to get recruited in the Killer League. The trailer released by officials looks promising too. We expect that we might witness a lot of important characters this season.

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