Shaman King Episode 18 (2024) Delay, New Release Date


Shaman King is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hiroyuki Takei. The story is centered around Yoh Asakura who is a shaman. Shamans are people with the ability to communicate with ghosts, spirits, and gods, which are invisible to ordinary people. The series shows Yoh trying to sharpen his shaman skills to become the Shaman King by winning the Shaman Fight. The writer chose shamanism as the main topic of the series because he wanted to explore a topic that had never been tackled in manga before.

From June 1998 to August 2004, Shueisha’s Weekly Sh*nen Jump serialized the Shaman King manga. Each chapter was collected and released in thirty-two tankōbon volumes. The series was acquired by Kodansha in 2017 and relaunched on thirty-five e-book volumes in 2018, which is also being published in print since 2020.


Shaman King Anime 2024

Shaman King 2024 episode 18

Originally, an anime adaptation of the manga, composed of 64 episodes aired on TV Tokyo from July 2001 to September 2002. In June 2020, a new anime television series was announced that would adapt the thirty-five volumes of the new complete manga edition. On 1st April 2024, a reboot of the anime television series premiered on TV Tokyo and various other TX Network channels.

Shaman King 2024 is being produced by the Japanese animation studio named Bridge. It is being directed by Joji Furuta. The series composition is being done by Shōji Yonemura, the character designs by Satohiko Sano, and the music is composed by Yuki Hayashi. It also has been confirmed that Netflix has acquired the global streaming rights to Shaman King Anime 2024. The series is being released outside Japan on the 9th of August. The new anime is said to have 52 episodes.

Shaman King 2024 has a new story that is much better than the old version. In addition to this, the new anime also has better graphics, animation, and sound. The series also has an IMDb rating of 7.7 out of ten. MyAnimeList has given it a rating of 6.7 out of 10. Check out the trailer of Shaman King 2024 is below:

Shaman King (2024) Episode 18 Delay

Shaman King 2024 episode 18

The release of Shaman King episode 18 and 19 has been delayed due to the ongoing Tokyo Olympics. Shaman King is not the only anime that has been postponed, popular ones like Wasimo, Ojarumaru, and the children’s comedy anime  Nintama Rantaro have also suffered the same fate. Many manga chapters have also been delayed due to the same reason.

Shaman King (2024) Episode 18 Release Date

Shaman King episode 18 and 19 which were originally scheduled to be released on July 29th, 2024, and August 5th, 2024 have been postponed to the 12th of August 2024 and 19th of August 2024 respectively. The last episode aired on the 22nd of July 2024. The anime watchers who have been eagerly waiting to see what happens next will have to hold their patience for two more weeks. Episode 18 is titled “The Great Spirit & My Team”. In this episode, we may see Anna go against Asakura Hao.

Once the episodes are out the fans can head over to Billibili to watch it. Only the subbed version will be available for the time being. The people who prefer watching it dubbed in English will have to wait a bit longer. The preview of the upcoming episode hints that Asakura Hao has figured out that Anna is related to the main character Yoh. This is all the information that is now available about the upcoming episode. We are constantly searching the web for more information. We will update you with more details as soon as possible. Thank you for reading about Shaman King Episode 18 (2024) Delay, New Release Date. You can head over to Omnitos to read more about anime news, release dates, manga spoilers etc.