In 2023, more people than ever before are turning to the internet to expand their business ventures. Of course, this can include simply building a website for their stores, which may be located in a mall. However, many people are also looking to online platforms like eBay and Etsy to sell goods that they have made in their own homes.

This does, of course, create a bit of a problem when it comes to international shipping. The laws that surround international shipping are tight and can become expensive if you are aiming to try and ship products long distance by yourself.

So, for many people who are looking to set up shop online and to have their products delivered around the world, it can be worth looking into hiring a shipping company to help you. It may sound expensive, but there are many benefits to doing so which will be explored in this article.




The first thing to consider when it comes to shipping work for products is that when choosing a shipping company like Shiply, this is what they specialize in. They will have the expertise needed to ship your products with confidence and safety so that when they arrive at the home of your consumer, they will be in one piece. They will also be able to advise you on the best type of shipping materials and products so that the goods do not become damaged or die, in the case of plants and invertebrates.

Cost Efficient

As mentioned before, trying to ship long distances by yourself across the world can be expensive. So, even if you are brand new to the role of being an online entrepreneur, it can be cost-efficient to hire a shipping company. Indeed, many shipping companies can offer incentives for small businesses, such as 10% off of shipping costs, which can save you a lot of money in the long run, and those savings can be passed on to your customers.



Many long-distance deliveries can be time-consuming as well as stressful.

Hiring a shipping company can be beneficial for this issue alone. After all, you will not have to worry about planning the route that your package will take, you won’t have to worry about tracking it, and you won’t have to worry about estimating delivery times for your customers, as the shipping company will do all of this for you.


Next is reliability. A shipping company will be able to provide you with information about other businesses that they cater to and will be able to showcase their trustworthiness and skill at delivering packages long distance. This will be something you can pass on to your customers, thus creating a better environment of reliability all around.

Global Reach


Finally, another benefit of hiring a shipping company is the global reach that it can offer you. You could expand your business to ship to countries that would usually be outside your normal range if you were shipping yourself, which can help develop your business as a global brand.