Universe 7 and Universe 11

Similarities between Universe 7 & Universe 11 Dragon Ball Super

Universe 7 & Universe 11 Similarities: With the mighty warrior Toppo and the extremely Joker looking God of destruction and the fighter from the trailer who Goku was having a rough time with. The two universes have a lot in common too.

Universe 7 & Universe 11

Vegeta the next in line to be the god of destruction is very much the shadow of hope how is the one candidate taken as the strongest fighter next to the gods. He might just prove Goku the evil if he got to fight with him with full strength. Next, are Goku and the alien guy… the unmatched pair of power we have all seen how powerful they both were in the trailer if you haven’t seen my analysis on the new transformation of Goku while fighting him do check it out.

Universe 7 & Universe 11

There is one heck of similarities when it comes to the attitude of the gods too. The kai of both the universe has been proven to be calm and polite with the sense of maturity. They both hold the thinking of survival of every being no matter who it is. And we can’t forget Beerus and the clown god of destruction Lucy. Both the god of destructions shares the same attitude when it comes to playing around with planets and having the least care for any of the beings in their universe. Like Beerus, Lucy too has a very serious stance when it comes to analyzing the situation and making decisions.

Universe 7 & Universe 11

And the most awaited Broly! The sweet girl who has power enough to transform into Broly. The Saiyan race in universe 11 is one thing which makes it difficult to distinguish between universe 7 and universe 11.

The two universes have a lot in common and hopefully, they will have some other characters who may resemble humans too.

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