Solo Leveling Chapter 116

Hello people! Today in this article we will talk all about the release dates and spoilers of Solo Leveling Chapter 116. The return of Solo Leveling has been very successful indeed. There are very few mangas in the industry that could live up to its hype in the second season and Solo Leveling is indeed one of them.

There are already 5 chapters released of this second season. Fans are thrilled to read the next chapter and cannot wait for its release. With all that being said, let’s get started.


Solo Leveling Chapter 116: Spoilers

Warning: I’d recommend not reading this if you don’t want any spoilers!
Chapter 116 will not just show the dealing of the Americans with Sung Jin-Woo. So right now, we can stop worrying about the Americans and their hiring policy. On the other hand,

Adam and David are planning something on their own. They are just waiting for a chance to lure Sung Jin-Woo. We should also talk about Norma and what she saw in Sung Jin-Woo. It was shown that she realized there was darkness in Sung Jin-Woo and there was also something that looked back at her. What was that all about? Certain reports say that was the destiny of Sung Jin-Woo- Ashborn who was the former Shadow Monarch.

Also, who is Kamish, and what was all that about the Runestone? Kamish, who was also known as humanity’s greatest calamity, was a dragon. It will also be revealed later that Sung Jin-Woo will try to extract the shadow of this dragon. Whether he will succeed or not is not known.

The Runestone will require a capable wielder and is something that will be needed by Shun Jin-Woo later on in his journey. Solo Leveling Chapter 116 also has the potential of introducing Knight’s guild as well as the new mission of Shun Jin-Woo. They will also join hands to defeat a strong A-Rank Gate.

There are also many unanswered questions about Sung Jin-Woo’s ability to exchange shadows. I think it will give us a clearer picture of Chapter 116.

Solo Leveling 116

Solo Leveling 115- A quick recap

We are shown that David is informed about Shun Jin-Woo by Adam and Norma. They acknowledge him as a king, thus making him a National Level Hunter in the book of Americans.

Norma sees something in Shun Jin-Woo- a Darkness. David just wants to know if he is indeed evil or not. Jin-Woo does not need any power from anyone else as he is the source of power himself. David kind of wants him on their side. David takes Adam to the B24 Floor. He tells Adam that only 5 National Level Hunters are left and they defeated Kamish. There on floor B24, they have kept the Runestone which was a reward for defeating the dragon. David plans to use this tactic to lure Jin-Woo to them.

On the other hand, Jin-Woo also discussed his powers with his sister and the fact of how much he has grown. Hunter Cha Hae-in cannot stop thinking about the last time she met Jin-Woo. She remembers Min Byeong-Gu, the healer who warned Jin-Woo to be careful with his own capabilities.

Solo Leveling Chapter 116: Release Date

26th August is the official date of release of the Solo Leveling new chapter. It will be available on the Kakaopage website. But you need to know Korean in order to read that and of course a Kakao account.

It will be translated soon and you can get to read the English translated version on 27th August 2020.

Moreover, there’s another exciting news for solo leveling fans. Redice Studio which is one of the creators of the anime has commented that they will release merch and you can check them out soon. There are also rumors and talks about the anime of Solo Leveling getting released and it is indeed exciting news.
The wait is almost over. Till then read our other articles on Ahiru No Sora, Dragon Ball Super and Fruit Basket.

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