Being one of the most famous web novels, with its great storyline and character development. It’s not surprising that Solo Leveling has gained huge success. This article contains the release date and time of Solo Leveling chapter 137. It May contain some spoilers, so consider yourself warned. Let’s take a dive into the world of solo leveling.


Solo Leveling: Where to read?

You can get the latest chapter in the Kakao Page Magazine. We would recommend you to do so as it would support the creators a lot. Kakao owns it which shows the chapter in Korean. While Jaiminisbox may have fan translations, join Reddit Solo leveling handle to know more about English scans.

Solo Leveling Chapter 136: Recap

In Solo leveling chapter 136, we see that the S-Rank gate in Tokyo is guarded by a giant monster, was very powerful. Just a few blows were enough to deal with all the ant soldiers. In the meantime, Jin-woo tested his strength against the monster. thereafter Jin attacked with Tusk and Beru’s Army with Kaisel also summoned. Soon they were able to defeat the monster, but something seemed off. Turns out the monster was not the main boss.

Solo Leveling 137 Release Date and Time :

Solo leveling Chapter 137 is releasing on 27th January 2024. Also, the chapter will first appear in official publisher Kakaopage. Later subbed to various languages. The chapter will be available to read around 4 AM Korean time. Generally, the English subbed chapter is available after 5 hours of the release. In the due time, you can read what to expect from chapter 137. 

Solo Leveling Chapter 137: Spoilers

The monster was defeated, but it turned out he was not the main boss. This raised many questions for Jin-woo because this monster was really powerful and not even the main boss. This is due to the fact that the message said “You have defeated the enemy”. Suddenly Jin-Woo is attacked by a mysterious thing. This mysterious thing turned out to be a dead giant’s magic energy.

Jin-whoo and Beru were being cautious, suddenly strange laughter can be heard. And the black chains started to spread all over an unknown person. While this was happening, he says something strange ” Rulers wants to use him as a stepping stone of true warfare”. Who are these rulers and what is the meaning of true warfare? All will be revealed in the upcoming chapters. stay tuned for more updates.

Solo leveling Chapter 137

What is Solo Leveling all about?

As per Fandom Solo Leveling (나 혼자만 레벨업, Na Honjaman Lebel eob) known as I Level Up Alone in English is a novel written by Chu-Gong ( 추공) on February 14, 2014. It was then serialized as a novel in Papyrus that ended with 14 volumes and 270 chapters. On April 13, 2018, a webtoon serialization was released on the Korean mobile site KAKAO PAGE drawn by artists Gi So-Ryeong. Currently, the story is on Solo Leveling Chapter 137.

The protagonist of the story, Sung Jin-Woo, is barely stronger than a normal human. His fellow hunters nickname him as “the weakest”. One day, he and other hunters find themselves trapped in an extremely dangerous dungeon, and only a few of them survive and manage to escape.

Sung Jin-Woo himself hardly survives and is the only one who completes all the trials in this dungeon.

After a sudden incident, Jin-Woo’s life changes for the better good. He is the strongest hunter now and is acknowledged by all his comrades. Jin-Woo goes on to face more adventures and unveil the secrets behind the Gate.

He then turns into a “player” who can now see an interface showing him quests. Will he succeed in becoming the most powerful hunter?

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