Thanks to Kenxyro for this information.Toei just released an extended preview for upcoming special episode 109-110 have a look here below. Today after One Piece special this new preview was shown of Episode 109-110- The one-hour Special!

Although it is full of interesting stuff like Kaio-Ken X20, Spirit bomb and most awaited form of Goku the Limit Breaker. Now we are just one week far from the episode.
Official Synopsis for episode 109-110, YOU CAN WATCH THE PREVIEW BELOW:

“The Strongest” Make Their move In Tournament Of Power Climax !!

Jiren the universe 11 warrior who’s been quiet until now, joins the battle! Hi fighting spirit alone releases of intimidation, and then Goku challenges him to one on one.

We got this new preview of Goku just a few hours ago and it is fabulous. We have some shots of Goku fighting Jiren, it does seem pretty decent of a fight. Not that Goku is able to stand his chances well, but given the power level Jiren is shown to exhibit, it’s a pretty decent match. Goku uses his Kioken times 20 over his blue form in this episode, which was once upon a time, considered to be ‘Fatal’ when he used it against Hit and also merged  Zamasu.

We see Goku actually kicking Jiren. A full blow Kick and honestly it’s not something that seemed to affect him much. Then Goku is shown being beaten by Jiren followed by the Spirit bomb scene. Surprisingly he throws the Spirit bomb in his base from which might mean it’s his last resort. Now while he throws the spirit bomb he goes Kioken times 20 over blue… which most probably is to increase the speed and power of the attack.

Now with that done, we see a white light cover him and it does seem like he actually absorbs the spirit bomb. Whatsoever may be the case, we have the latest view of the new limit x breaker. The marvelous silver eyed Goku. My guesses are this will be a temporary form and we might see it really rarely given it might be formed by absorbing the spirit bomb.

Talking of his shirt he still has them on, so… well there sure is going to be an intense fight between them. The last time we saw Goku lose his shirt, things were not exactly the most peaceful we could find in the Dragon Ball Series. Episode 110 might mark the beginning of the fight though till now DBS has kept the one-hour episode quite secretive.

Image by david maxsteinbach

Now it could be that Goku will lose or get knocked out even with the new form. Spoilers. That few episode after 110 we have the titles of Jiren vs Hit. Now that could be because Goku is knocked out or seriously injured either way the new form might just not be enough to take now Jiren.

Hit too does not stand high chances in front of Jiren, never the less he is potentially next in line after Goku or maybe even at par Goku. Vegeta Fans may get a bit angry here but face it. Vegeta has been shown really weak compared to the people who actually should be his match.

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