Every day there is some other information coming about the coming episodes. A few days ago we received something about Frieza and Frost. Special thanks to KenXyro. For many of you, it might be a little older news.



Frieza may betray Frost at last who knows but for the timing he has joined hands with Frost let’s see what really happens! Confirmed Spoilers are there in this article

This article will deal with the Frieza betraying their own universe and teaming up with Frost. For those of you who haven’t yet got to read the scans it reads as follows:

Episode 108 Freeza joins hands with Frost!

Vegeta may fall
Source KenXyro

“Frieza goes up to Gohan since he was having a tough fight against the Yardrat, Jimeze. At first, it was assumed that he was there only to defeat Jimeze, but then suddenly he announces his betrayal saying, ” Frost and I have decided to join hands since we mutually hate Saiyans.” Gohan is suddenly put in a tough situation?!”

Frieza hasn’t shown his golden form to anyone yet and I guess people on the fighting stage have less Idea about what his potential is. Frost is going to team up with Frieza but what he doesn’t see is Frieza is loyal to none and I personally view this as a plan of Frieza who wants to save his own universe by teaming up with the dirtiest player in the fighting stage. Frieza might have a bad character built up over time but there is one thing we can’t deny is his fighting strategy.

It says they team up on the pretext that they both hate Saiyans. I am almost sure Frieza will betray Frost the second things are not in the favour of Frieza. There could be a possibility that Frieza would ask Frost to eliminate Universe 6’s Saiyan to prove his loyalty and then leave him to dry.

It says Frieza would help Gohan while he will be struggling, or at least comes at the fighting spot. Frieza is not a team player and it wouldn’t surprise me if he doesn’t really help Gohan. If you have seen the spoilers for the last episode i.e ep.107 it says Vegeta would be trapped by Frost, it could be a trick to actually help Vegeta, a distraction to be specific. Vegeta and Frieza have a history together. Frieza with his attitude and the Golden form would never want to miss the opportunity to defeat the Saiyans at least once. But for that, they would need to survive the universal survival arc.

There are theories that Frieza will be meeting death by the hand of none but the Omni King given he thinks he is equal to the Omni king’s power. I have said it once and I will say it again that the tournament of power is not the end of the arc.

We have a confirmation, rather an image leak from Amazon Japan that there are going to be 133 episodes, and I can’t possibly think of a way Dragon Ball Super’s animators will stretch the tournament of power in this arc to that tedious limits.

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