Who wants to bet on sports in India? The country has witnessed explosive growth in gambling over the last decade, thanks largely to mobile phones and apps. And today, Indians love to gamble. One out of every five smartphones sold in the country is now equipped with at least some form of gaming or betting software.

There are plenty of reasons why Indians love betting on sports. These include the idea of gaining from losses or even being able to win money back after spending it. Some people even bet purely for the thrill. Whatever the reason, whether you want to try out some real bets or simply enjoy watching live games at home, we will share with you today some of the most popular sports to bet on.



Cricket is the national sport in India. It was established in 1877 and is still played at a professional level today. The game consists of two teams of 11 players each. Each team tries to score runs while the opposing team stops them in order to stop their run rate from increasing. The batsman stands behind the wicket, taking turns hitting the ball with a bat over the top of the wicket. At the end of six overs, the batting team scores points for how many they have hit out of the total number allowed. These points add up toward a final winning score which determines whether the home team wins or not. If you are an avid fan and lover of this sport, immediately head over to the 4rabet apk download link and place your winning bet right away.


Hockey is the second most popular sport in India. It is similar to ice hockey except instead of a puck smaller balls are used. There are five major cities in India where people play hockey on a regular basis: Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, and Bangalore. Teams consist of 15 members per side and can only use four types of shots; slap shot, wrist shot, backhand, and forehand, depending on which area of the field the player wants to go to.


Kabaddi is a traditional Indian game that involves two teams of eight players each. One team defends itself by throwing a disc-shaped object called a “boli” around the court. Once inside the circle, the defender rolls the boli to try and knock over the opponents’ kabbadi sticks. If successful, he earns points. After 10 throws, the defending team has ten seconds to throw the boli once again before getting thrown out of the ring.


Badminton comes in fourth place in terms of popularity. Like tennis, badminton is another gentlemanly sport. However, unlike tennis, badminton does not have any formal qualifications or ranking system. Instead, badminton focuses on skill rather than physical fitness. The sport requires two players who take turns hitting a shuttlecock with a paddle. The objective of the game is to hit the shuttlecock into your opponent’s court. Points are calculated differently in badminton than in tennis. Most notably, the winner is determined by whose shuttlecock makes it closest to the center of the net.

These were just a few of the most popular sports in India. We hope that you enjoyed reading about these sports as much as we did writing about them!