SPY X FAMILY Chapter 48 (Delayed) Release Date
SPY X FAMILY Chapter 48 (Delayed) Release Date

The plot is getting interesting with every new chapter. As expected it was an assassin behing the door who had come to kill them. But since Yor was causious they escaped without a sratch. But hings get even more difficult when a group of assassin ares ent to kill her in the ball. She tries her very best to kill them all without creating a scene. The next chapter is going to be filled with action and maybe a faceoff with the final boss. This article will update you on everyhting you need to know about “Read SPY X FAMILY Chapter 48 Online Free – Release Date!”


SPY X FAMILY Chapter 48 Relese Date has been confirmed!

According to official sources the release date of SPY X FAMILY Chapter 48 is confirmed to be 27th June 2024. Unfortunately, due to unexpected reasons we will be facing an extra week of delay before we can catch Yor kill all the assassin. But the situation can’t be helped and we ae all aware of the hard hours the team has been putting in SPY X FAMILY. Needless to say, the creator and team will be back as soon as possibe with another banger.

Read SPY X FAMILY Chapter 48 Online Free!

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