Since the Star Wars franchise began in 1977, fans from all over the world have found ways to come together and share their love for their favourite franchise. This includes fan meets, conventions, lightsaber duelling tournaments and Star Wars-themed holidays.

Although informal, Star Wars Day is a holiday that is widely celebrated by the Star Wars fandom and for those fans who love cosplay, it presents an opportunity for them to show off various character costumes and props.

So, if you plan on cosplaying your favourite character on the next Star Wars day, here are some tips to help you choose the best replica lightsaber from a reputable supplier like Padawan Outpost.


Get the Right Hilt Design


Cosplay is all about paying attention to details. This means that in order for your costume to really be authentic, you will need to accurately mirror every last detail of how your cosplay character is depicted in the media. This includes getting their lightsaber right. For example, if you’re cosplaying as Darth Vader, you need to go for a replica lightsaber that features a straight, cylindrical-shaped metal hilt with a thick, ridged handgrip, just like in the films.

The hilt of your replica lightsaber should also be made from a durable material (preferably metal) that won’t get damaged when you swing or use the saber for some light sparring. The hand grip should also be comfortable, so it’s easier for you to maneuver the saber during a performance.

Get the Right Colour Blade

In addition to getting the right hilt, you also need to get the right blade colour. In the Star Wars franchise, there are different lightsaber colours, with each colour symbolising something different. You need to make sure that the replica lightsaber you choose has a blade colour that accurately matches that of your character.

Blade material and quality are other important considerations. A good quality mid-grade polycarbonate blade is an excellent choice for cosplaying.

Quality Blade Lights

Because cosplaying is all about aesthetics, the blade of your cosplay lightsaber needs to feature bright and quality lights. A replica that has the LED strips placed inside the blade is recommended here, as they tend to offer more brightness.

Colours Changing Features


Nothing beats the excitement of being able to change the colour of your lightsaber mid-performance. Go for a replica lightsaber that not only features the classic RGB lighting but allows for an easy and smooth transition between colours.

Motion-Sensitive Sound Effects

To add to the allure of your cosplay, your replica lightsaber should come with a good-quality soundboard that features movie-accurate sound effects.

Power Saving Abilities

All saber electronics require a power source to work, and for the majority of replicas, AA batteries are used. There are, however, some replicas that use Li-ion batteries. Regardless of the type of battery, your cosplay lightsaber should have good power-saving abilities.


The lightsaber is one of the most iconic symbols of the Star Wars franchise, and it is a must-have for any Star Wars cosplay. However, if you want your cosplay to truly be authentic and stand out, it is not enough to choose just any replica lightsaber. You need to go for a replica that features the right hilt material and design, the right blade material, colour and visual effects, and of course, movie-accurate sound effects.