If you are a One Piece fan then this article will surely bring a smile to your face. A statute of Zoro in japan is integrated recently. Yes, you read correctly. As part of the Kumamoto Revival Project, the Statue is in Kumamoto Prefecture. Roronoa Zoro was the first Straw Hats crew member to join Luffy. You can visit the statue yourself at Ozu Central Park in Kumamoto, Japan.

Statue of Zoro, One Piece

On Saturday, January 22, 2024, the official Kumanichi website reported the news. That a bronze statue of warrior Roronoa Zoro was unveiled. In creator Eiichiro Oda’s birthplace of Kumamoto, Japan. The bronze statue’s unveiling event took place in Ozu Central Park. At Kumamoto Prefecture’s Ozu Town.

Following COVID policy, the ceremony was streaming live on Youtube. With only six persons in attendance. Including Mayor Hideki Kaneda.

The Zoro statue is bronze and depicts the character carrying his three swords in the Santoryu manner. The statue shows the Straw Hat Pirate in his post-time skip avatar. Along with Dracule Mihawk’s wounds.

The unveiling of the statue Of Zoro in Kumamoto Japan is part of a relief effort for the Kumamoto Prefecture (Kumamoto Revival Project). Which previously saw a series of earthquakes in 2016. Among them, one registered a magnitude of 7.0 on the Richter scale.

Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece and a native of the prefecture. Gave 800 million yen (about USD 7 million) to aid with the region’s reconstruction. The Kumamoto government erected sculptures of the Straw Hat Pirates to commemorate the event. With Zoro being the ninth. For the event, Oda drew a unique artwork. Which was showcased along with the statue at the time of Unveiling.

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What Makes the Statues Interesting?

What’s great about these statues is that they attract many people. According to the estimates, the statue attracts 55,211 visitors each year. Which generates $2.67 billion in local revenue. Oda also created a storyline to connect the statues. To spice things up a little. When Luffy’s crew arrived in Kumamoto, they noticed the damage and decided to help out. According to the narrative, Luffy dispersed his crew across the prefecture. Assigning everyone to a location where their skills would be valuable to the locals. Each of the monuments includes an information board that tells visitors about the surrounding region and the damages.

If you look closely, you can see how much detailing and work is put into the statute. This makes it even more amazing to watch. As mentioned Zoro is the ninth statue in the prefecture. Franky, Chopper, Luffy, Brook, Nami, and Robin already have a sculpture. Jinbei’s statue is the next in line from One Piece.

This unveiling adds up to the hype of the anime. Which already has a lot of fans around the world. While its fanbase still growing day by day.

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Where To Read/ Watch One Piece:

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