That’s how Grand Priest will be Evil with Proofs!


Grand Priest will be Evil

For those who want to know the who the Grand Priest is please watch the earlier episode of super somewhere in between 54-60 because Grand Priest will be Evil

Grand Priest (大神官, Daishinkan) is an Angel that resides at Zen-Oh’s Palace. He is the father of Vados and Whis.(Known)
The Grand Priest is calm and polite. He has an easygoing personality, not as stern as Zen-Oh’s attendants. He also finds Goku’s casual attitude to Zen-Oh amusing.Grand Priest will be Evil!


Many theories were there to prove that who would be the villain in the upcoming tournament arc but now we have proofs too, the current ending song of the Dragon Ball Super says it all by self.

See the ending of every episode in this video the translation of the lines are given below it! Enjoy reading it, I am damn excited to see Daishinkan (Grand Priest as a great Villain and how Goku and the team will defeat him maybe all gods ,haha.) 


(This Theory seems most Legit that’s why i am posting it) Here is the ending song Video:



 Here are some of the starting line’s translations from the above latest ending song of the Dragon Ball Super :




So, Now its pretty clear by all the pictures above ,Therefore by these translations we can get the pure view from the ending song of what the upcoming tournament arc will present ,a villain strongest of all,these were only the proofs ,

Yeah this theory can be 90% true but let’s see, I will keep on uploading the proofs and about the upcoming tournament, stay tuned to OMNI KING friends 🙂

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Here’s the picture of the Grand Priest with Whis and Vados :->