bungo stray dogs

Following the character visuals, the official website for the upcoming TV anime adaptation of the Bungo Stray Dogs franchise’s official spin-off gag manga Bungo Stray Dogs Wan! has started streaming 60-second first PV to introduce its cutely deformed style and ED song “Namae wo Yobuyo” performed by Yuto Uemura, the voice of Atsushi Nakajima. The song is a cover version of the first ED theme for the original Anime series performed by Luck Life.

The manga featuring the characters drawn in deformed style by Neko Kanai has been serialized on the Young Ace UP website and has released six tankobon volumes. Its TV anime adaptation is animated by BONES・NOMAD, with Toshihiro Kikuchi (Dropkick on my devil episode director/animation director) directing. All of the main voice cast members from the original series reprise their roles.
bungo stray dogs


Bungo Stray Dogs Plot

The story focuses on a young adult named Attushi Nakajima. After being kicked out of his orphanage, Atsushi accidentally stops the suicide of a detective named Osamu Dzai, believing that he was drowning in the river. During his conversation with Dajai, Attushi discovers that he is gifted to her with a supernatural ability that is capable of transforming him into a fearless white tiger in the moonlight; It tortured the orphanage and drove it out in the past.

Dazai recruits him to the agency and there he meets many other potential users as they deal with various cases and events that take place within the city of Yokohama, a place with individuals with supernatural abilities.

The TV anime Bungo Stray Dogs Wan! is set to premiere on TOKYO MX1 on January 12, 2024.

Main voice cast:

Atsushi Nakajima: Yuto Uemura

Osamu Dazai: Mamoru Miyano

Doppo Kunikida: Yoshimasa Hosoya

Kyoka Izumi: Sumire Morohoshi

Ryunosuke Akutagawa: Kensho Ono

Chuya Nakahara: Kisho Taniyama

Junichiro Tanizaki: Toshiyuki Toyonaga

Naomi Tanizaki: Chiaki Omigawa

Yukichi Fukuzawa: Rikiya Koyama


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