The Flash Season 7 is all set to return to CW on 2nd March 2024. Season 6 of the flash was cut short due to the pandemic. What is Mirror Mistress/Eva’s end goal, and will team flash be able to complete the artificial speed force? Don’t think too hard, just a bit of patience and all will be revealed this season of the flash.

The Flash Season 7
Image By The CW


The Flash: Season 7 Premiere Release Date Delayed by One Week:

Previously the flash season 7’s premiere date was 23rd February, the delay is due to superman getting his own show. Superman & Lois are getting their own show, set in the CW’s Arrowverse. Due to the fact that Superman & Lois having a 2-hour premiere/ pilot episode, showrunners decided to premiere it a week late i.e. 2nd March 2024.

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Season 7 Promo:

The Flash just dropped a new teaser/promo for the upcoming season 7 and it looks amazing.

Barry and Team Flash still working on a way to build an artificial speed force while Mirror Mistress/ Eva is getting more and more powerful. Barry calls for backup as he is left with only 1 percent of his speed, the backup being Caitlin/Killer Frost. Promo also shows what looks like barry opening the portal to the mirror verse, in order to rescue Iris. The fans might also see Reverse flash, as the ending clip shows Tom Cavanagh saying to barry “Run, Barry, run” in his sinister voice of Reverse flash.

The Flash Season 7
Image By The CW

“I wish everybody could see the episode that comes right after this and find out exactly where Iris is and what happened to her. It’s really cool and there’s a twist, and it’s a big Iris story with a lot of surprises. Also, there’s a big guest star from seasons early on in The Flash. I was really excited for people to see that next week and how that ties into what Eva’s doing. Also, the next episode is an incredibly emotional one, like tears, and I love watching it.”

Says showrunner Eric Wallace in an interview with the weekly entertainment. So fans can expect a grand episode with a rollercoaster of emotions, twists, and surprises. Comment and Discuss on our Reddit for more!