The God Of High School Episode 10

Hello peeps! Today in this article we will talk about the release date, spoilers, and preview od the all-new episode 10 of The God Of High School. Warning: This may contain some spoilers of the previous episode. In case you don’t want spoilers, I’d suggest you skip and read the other sections!

So, without further ado, let’s get started!


The God Of High School Episode 10: Release Date

New episodes of The God Of High School are released every Monday. Similarly, this new episode will be released on Monday, 7th September 2020.

Let’s get a quick recap of Episode 9 now

The God Of High School Episode 9: A quick recap!

The tournament has taken an interesting turn and now is in its quarterfinal stage. It is going to be the Seol team vs Jeju team. Mori is missing and Dawei is looking for him. He has to take part in a team battle and is nowhere to be found and so Mira and Dawei are pretty worried.

Now Dawei and Mira have to go back to the stage as instructed by higher authority or else they will have to accept defeat by default. They need to fight and win in two more tournaments so they are qualified for the next round.

Dawei gets suspended and Mira has to fight to win the match. Even if Mira wins, they will still have to face defeat and the only way to win is for Mori to come back. Dawei again went looking for Mori while Mira started the match. On the other hand the match of Lee Marin vs Yoo Mira has commenced.

Mira is devastated to see the gross state of Lee and will break her promise and complete the fight. Mira also made a promise to Dawei that she will try and buy some time before Dawei can find and bring back Mori.

Meanwhile, Mori is on the hunt for his grandfather and finds him tied in the villain’s hideout. All of this was a trap and the building explodes and Mori is seen lying unconscious. When Mori wakes up, he is told that he has to die. But Mori defeats the villain and comes back to help Dawei and Mira. Mira was successful in the fight. Now it’s Mori’s turn to take control!

The God Of High School Episode 10: Preview

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