The Reason Why Joseon Exorcist Got Cancelled?

Sadly it’s official not, K-drama Joseon Exorcist has been canceled. The show got premiered just a few days back, and two episodes were also released till now. The series officially got canceled overusing Chinese Props and Historical distortion that started many controversies in society. No doubt the show received a high rating after the release, but fate didn’t work for them. With so many controversies with the show just after the release, the show is sealed. Last week the show was launched, and just after four days, SBS has declared to cancel the series. Initially, the series was decided for a total of 16 episodes by only two of them were released. The genre of the series is Horror Drama which pulled the attention of many viewers just from the start of the show itself. here we will tell you everything about The Reason Why Joseon Exorcist Got Cancelled?

The main reason behind the cancellation of the show was the distortion of history and the inclusion of Chinese props that none of them had encouraged. It is a frictional supernatural drama. The show also lost all its sponsors which included LG Lifestyle And Health, KT Telecom, and Samsung. Sponsors announced that there might be a return, but for now, the show is removed from everywhere to make changes to certain elements.


The plot of Joseon Exorcist

The show focuses on the reign of King Taejong, the third Regent of the Joseon Kingdom (1392-1910). The story is about the king and his two sons named Prince Chungnyung and Prince Yangnyeong. These two young boys need to fight against all the evil spirits to protect their kingdom.  One day normal villagers come forward from hiding and the king brings down hallucinations to himself about his father. On reacting to their father’s words he tries to cut down the vision with his sword. Things go wrong here and he ends up slaying a commoner. In madness, he does this thing multiple times, until the body of dozens of innocent lies at his feet.

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SBS Channel Statement

After the release of the first two episodes, the SBS channel decided to stop the broadcast of the next chapter of the series. SBS stated that it is a fantasy fusion historical drama. But Korean people had issues watching the show and also petition was also filed to stop the show. It received 156,000 signatures from the people to cancel the show. Sponsors had also withdrawn their partnership with the show. The writer Park Gye Ok was criticized a lot for tampering with Korean history. SBS channel took all the responsibility for the termination of the show.

Ultimately this means that no more episodes will be premiered from now on, though the filming and editing of all the episodes are done. All the posts or information about the show is been removed from the official site of SBS. This all controversies started from the release of the first episode itself than SBS declared an apology and explanation from the viewers. this is also one of the reason why The Reason Why Joseon Exorcist Got Cancelled?

Show Producers Statement

Show producers also made a statement on the show that these items were chosen since the location and the scenes were Uiji Country, it is because it matches the level of Joseon Kingdom border and Ming Dynasty China. They also said that food props were chosen to welcome Chinese Travelers. They added that the show didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, nor point out anyone it is just supernatural fictional drama. And their sole purpose was to entertain the audience.

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