The Vampire Dies in No Time Release Date, Staff and Latest Updates!
The Vampire Dies in No Time Release Date, Staff and Latest Updates!

On Friday, Akita Publishing released an official statement regarding the Cast, Staff, and release date of the comedy anime – The Vampire Dies in No Time. The Anime Adaptation for this anime was announced way back in May with no further details. In this blog, we will discuss all there is to know about the recent reveal by Akita Publishing on The Vampire Dies in No Time.


The Vampire Dies in No Time Release Date

The Vampire Dies in No Time release date

As underrated as vampire animes can be, The Vampire Dies in No Time is quite an exception. It has a well-timed comedy and a solid simple plot. The animes releasing in 2023 are surely exceptional in their own way.

The Vampire Dies in No Time is set to release in 2023. But as of now, no official statement has been given on the exact release date or month for the anime. Due to the ongoing global pandemic making final decisions are a luxury only established anime productions can make. And even those productions tend to cancel or rule out their previous release dates.

Comedy television series always have good responses as there is not much to judge them on other than the quality of their jokes. Needless to say, The Vampire Dies in No Time is really good, if you haven’t read the manga we suggest you do so.

The Staff of The Vampire Dies in No Time Anime

Hiroshi Koujina is the director of the anime who is famous for his work in Hunter x Hunter 2011 and is currently working at Madhouse. Yukie Sugawara handles the scrips for the anime series, her work in Overlord and No Guns Life was highly appreciated. The character design is handled by Mayuko Nakano, a few of her works include Maiden Rose and WWW.WAGNARIA!!.

Jun Fukuyama is the voice actor of Dralc and Makoto Furukawa is the voice actor for Ronaldo

Voiced by: Makoto Furukawa[2]ies in No Time About?

The Vampire Dies in No Time staff and cast

The Dralc who is an extremely week Dracula. He keeps dying time and time again from tiny accidents. But he isn’t your average Dracula, he loves playing games and is quite friendly. After the destruction of his castle, he joins forces with the vampire hunter that goes by the name Ronaldo. Together they fend for themselves from rogue vampires and a few more people. They go against many odds with Dralc constantly dying simultaneously as the story unfolds.

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