Vegeta Red God

Hello everyone, today we have brought a major answer to the question how Vegeta used the God red form in the anime Broly movie first time ever. He did became god red haired form in the Toyotaro’s Manga version of Dragon Ball Super against Zamasu in the future Trunks Arc. Special thanks to Geekdom 101 for the information.

This question is been for a while that how did he achieve it? And why hasn’t Vegeta used red form earlier in the anime version. As Vegeta never did the ritual with 5 pure heart saiyans. But the answers lies in the Dragon Ball Super Anime itself. In the Battle of Gods Vegeta says that next time he wants to be the super saiyan god instead of Goku. They might have done the ritual again in the future at some point off screen but this is not the case. Toriyama gave Goku the SSJ Blue form in the Resurrection F followed by Vegeta at the end of the movie. Goku and Vegeta got the same long training from the Whis.

Did Vegeta skip God Red form and directly turned into blue? There was no reason for him to hold back any time in Super Anime but he already had that form. Vegeta convinces Whis in episode 15-18 of DBS to get him trained to get on the level of Goku, and thus he trained there for extra 6 months, and that is where he unlocked the God form which was off screen, yes it was not explicitly stated. When Goku goes there after 6 months to train with Whis, Goku clearly states that Vegeta may has surpassed him, Vegeta learned that form on his own and even Goku states that he did everything by himself without the ritual. When Vegeta was fighting Broly, Broly was at a bit low level initially, though gradually when movie progressed Broly got more powerful. Super Saiyan Blue Evolution which Vegeta got in the Tournament of Power is anime exclusive form, therefore it wasn’t included in the movie.

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