Recently, Tokyo Babylon 2021 Anime announced its cast, staff, and a promotional video on its live streaming online event. In this blog, we will discuss everything there is to know about the release date of Tokyo Babylon and its cast and staff members.

Tokyo Babylon 2021 Anime Release Date

Tokyo Babylon 2021 Anime Release Date

Tokyo Babylon 2021 Anime is still in the works and is yet to be completed. The second promotional video which was released recently hinted that Tokyo Babylon 2021 Anime will release in April 2021. But there hasn’t been any official announcement regarding the exact release date of the anime adaptation.

The manga of Tokyo Babylon initially released in 1990 and ran for three years producing 7 volumes in total. The series later got an original video animation from 1992 to 1994 consisting of 2 episodes. Tokyo Babylon received a live-action film in 1993 called Tokyo Babylon: The Movie. Now finally after 27 years after its manga ended it has received a television anime adaptation.

Check out the newly released Promotional Video for Tokyo Babylon 2021 Anime

Tokyo Babylon 2021 Anime Cast

Tokyo Babylon 2021 Anime Cast

Shouta Aoi voices Subaru Sumeragi

Nana Mizuki voices Hokuto Sumeragi

Yuichiro Umehara voices Seishirō Sakurazuka

The opening and ending theme songs for Tokyo Babylon 2021 Anime are sung by Aoi and Muzuki respectively.

The staff for the television anime series are the following:

The directors of the anime are Shingo Suzuki who is famous for his work in K: Missing Kings, K: Return of Kings, and Coppelion is working with Susumu Kudo who is famous for his work in K, Coppelion, and Hand Shakers. Jun Kumagai who is known for his work in Persona 3 the Movie series is overseeing the scripts of the anime series. The character designs are the work of Makoto Furuta who is known for his designs in Seitokai Yakuindomo, K: Seven Stories – The Idol K. The Chief animation directors of the series are Furuta and Keiji Tani.

Also, the editing of the series is handled by Chinami Watanabe. Hiroshi Okubo and Takayuki Uchida are the main animators of Tokyo Babylon 2021 Anime. Sound effects are being handled by Fumiyuki Go and the Music composing is done by Noriyuki Asakura.

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