Tokyo Revengers Chapter 217 Release Date, Spoilers, Mikey

Tokyo revengers is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Ken Wakui. From November 23, 2020, to May 23, 2024, Tokyo revengers have sold 4,635,754 copies, which makes it the third best-selling manga title of the year. Demon Slayer and Jujutsu Kaisen have bagged the top two spots. We will talk about the Tokyo Revengers Chapter 217 Release Date, Spoilers, Mikey.

Takemtichy Hanagaki, the protagonist of the series is a 26-year-old who can travel back in time, also known as a time leaper. He decides to join the Tokyo Manji gang who are also known as Toman to save his middle school girlfriend Hinata Tachibana and all others he comes to care about along the way. Toman is a gang of bikers which is led by Mikey and Draken.


Tokyo Revengers Chapter 217 Release Date and Time

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 217

The release date of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 217 is August 4, 2024. Tokyo revengers Chapter 217 is titled “Never Have I Ever Seen Anything Like it”. The fans have been highly anticipating this chapter since Tamekitchy discovers that he can see the future in it. You can head over to to read the Manga online. For a quick recap of the previous chapter, you can go to our Tokyo Revengers posts for updates.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 217 Spoilers

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 217

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 217 opens with Takemitchy getting a vision of Senju’s dying moments. Then Drakens asks him why he was spacing out. This brings Takemitchy’s attention back to the present.

Draken then tells him how he helps out at the brothel since he cannot make a living out of the bike shop alone. As Takemitchy presses the button of the elevator for the fourth floor he sees a dark, blood-like stain on his shirt. After a moment he realizes that his shirt is clean and that it was just a vision. When Draken asks him what the matter is, Takemitchy says that it’s nothing.

Once they are inside, Draken introduces him to his foster parent whom he calls Masaway- san. As they make their way down the hallway, the girls from the brothel fawns over Draken giving him various compliments.

Tamekitchy then asks if the girls were the same ones from his last visit, to which Draken replies that they are not the same and that it’s a tough world that keeps changing. As they reach Draken’s room Tamekitchy is excited to see pictures of himself and Toman. He also notices pictures of Emma and says that he has dreams of her telling him to save Mikey.

Draken asks him to how Mikey was like in the future. Takemitchy responds that he was frail and had dark circles under his eyes. He also added that Mikey governed “Bonten” a criminal organization. Tamekitchy adds how Hina had been successfully saved by him. Mikey had kept his promise to Tamekitchy but was still living in misery.

Draken explains how Mikey had been preparing for his twelve-year plan since two years ago and that is also why he has been avoiding them. Draken adds that their lives have become better after detached himself from them. Draken then goes on to say that Mikey is an idiot for doing so.

Walking down the hall, Draken warns Tamekitchy that the future is not going to be the same again and that he has no idea what they have waiting for them down the road. Tamekitchy then says that they were going to retrieve Mikey back no matter what.

Just then, one of the girls bumps into them and pours tomato juice all over Tamekitchy. That is when Tamekitchy realizes that it was not blood that he saw in the vision he had earlier, but tomato juice. The chapter ends with Tamekitchy wondering if he could foresee the future. Thanks for reading about the Tokyo Revengers Chapter 217 Release Date, Spoilers.