Bleach is one of the most well-known shounen anime series. The characters and the premise are both fascinating and enjoyable. From the first episode, the series has you hooked. want to see more anime like Bleach? Here are the Top 10 Anime Like Bleach to watch and enjoy the same dose.

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Top 10 Anime like Bleach:

10. Shaman King:

Shaman King

Despite being a 32-episode anime, Shaman King is a fantastic show. Yoh Asakura, a young man who can communicate with spirits, is the protagonist of the show. Yoh participates in the Shaman Fight tournament. If he defeats all of his opponents, he will be able to speak with the Great Spirit and desire for anything. There are just as many fights and laughter in Shaman King as there are in Bleach.

9. Ushio to Tora: 

Ushio to Tora

Next, we have Ushio to Tora is a supernatural-themed anime similar to ‘Bleach. the anime has Youkai, just like Bleach has Hollows. After being thrust into dangerous situations in both stories, the protagonist emerges with great powers. Ushio Aotsuki is a tenacious character. His father is a strange temple priest who thinks Youkai are a menace to humanity. Ushio dismisses his father’s assertions until the day he uncovers something out of the ordinary.

8. Busou Renkin:

Busou Renkin

Standing at no.8 is Busou Renkin. In terms of premise and how the main characters gain their powers, Busou Renkin is very similar to Bleach. There’s only one difference, in Busou Renkin, the protagonist dies and is later resurrected, giving him new abilities. The story begins when Kazuki Muto, a high school student. He is killed while defending a strange girl from a monster one night, only to wake up in his schoolroom. Assuming it was all a dream. however, he quickly discovers that it wasn’t.

7. D Gray Man:

D. Gray-man has the potential to be the creepiest show. D. Gray-man features teenage characters who fight unclean demons for a living. Similar to Blue Exorcist and Bleach.

D Gray Man

D. Gray-man ups the ante in terms of horror in a variety of ways. For most of the series, Allen Walker battles a demonic left arm. This weapon is a parasite that took Allen’s original appendage years ago and replaced it with this one.

6. Parasyte: The Maxim:

Parasyte The Maxim

At number six, we have Parasyte: The Maxim. Because the major characters have a lot in common. Both Bleach’s Ichigo and Shinichi have capabilities or skills that are similar to those of their foes. Parasites are alien organisms who arrive on Earth unexpectedly and begin attacking humans by burrowing into their brains and gaining control of the host. However, it could not enter Shinichi’s head and end up on his hand.

5. Rurouni Kenshin:

Rurouni Kenshin is a great anime to watch if you want something a little more grounded. This series was established by Nobuhiro Watsuki in 1994 and he worked on it till 1999.

Rurouni Kenshin

During the Meiji period, samurai were forbidden from exercising their traditions. Himura Kenshin is a retired warrior who wishes to retire from his previous life. He’s much happier assisting people in whatever manner he can. He fights with a non-lethal sword with a reversed blade when he is forced to. To go along with its tremendous battles, this show has a lot of heart and a romance story.

4. Gin Tama:

Every other anime, on the other hand, puts action first and comedy second. Gin Tama, on the other hand, puts humor first and foremost. This show takes place during an alternative Edo period. Aliens came to Earth many years ago and conquered Japan.

Gin Tama

Gintoki Sakata used to be a renegade samurai. He retired after the invasion and began working as a sword for hire. Bleach has its humorous moments, but it is primarily a serious show. Gin Tama is the polar opposite; the majority of episodes are silly and cheerful, with only a few that are serious.

3. Dragon Ball Z:

Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z is is a must if we are talking of Top 10 Anime like Bleach. Not only did it influence Bleach, but also Naruto, One Piece, and My Hero Academia. Dragon Ball Z is about martial artist Goku and his pals. Who fights larger-than-life conflicts with extraterrestrial opponents who pledged to destroy Earth after praying for immortality from the magical Dragon Balls.

2. Soul Eater:

Soul Eater

Soul Eater is an anime that is quite similar to Bleach. This, however, works both to the show’s benefit and to its detriment. There’s a lot of action here, and you’ll care about the people. However, Soul Eater, like Bleach, comes to a dismal conclusion. We won’t go into too much detail to avoid spoilers. To say the least, fans are clamoring for a reboot of the anime. The show is still worth seeing, in our opinion. Everything in this film is excellent, from the voice acting to the art design.

1. Afro Samurai:

At last, we have our no.1 in the Top 10 Anime like Bleach. And it’s none other than Afro Samurai. This is not an anime for everyone. It’s the most gruesome, depressing, and vulgar. Sex, drugs, and violence abound in this anime. Please search elsewhere if you’re looking for a wholesome anime that you can enjoy with your entire family.

Afro Samurai

If you’re looking for a show with white-knuckled action set pieces, a unique art style, and a superb soundtrack, go no further. The anime series Afro Samurai is the shortest, with only five episodes. The film Afro Samurai is a must-see. It will, without a doubt, make an impression.

That is all from the Top 10 Anime like Bleach. Hope you liked it. you can catch all these amazing anime on either Crunchyroll or Funimation.