Waiting for Jujutsu Kaisen to return? I have a better idea. Why not binge on some of the great anime which resembles your favorite Jujutsu Kaisen. So here are the Top 10 Anime like Jujutsu Kaisen to watch and get the same joy.

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Top 10 Anime like Jujutsu Kaisen:

10. Durarara:


Prepare to be enthralled by Durarara, a dark and thrilling fantasy anime. This anime, set in the gritty underground realm of a bustling city, is full of violence, approaching threats, and unusual characters who convey the story in an immersive and entertaining way. Durarara combines major supernatural themes with contemporary problems, making it an ideal match for Jujutsu Kaisen enthusiasts.

9. Blood Blockade Battlefront:

Blood Blockade Battlefront

New York City has fused with a fascinating other reality populated by a wide range of supernatural monsters. Chaos has engulfed the entire city. In this strange universe, Leonardo ventures into the perilous metropolis in search of the secrets of a mysterious magical gift he has recently acquired. He meets a lot of interesting individuals, scary beasts, and deadly circumstances along the road. The Show tells a unique story that is unlike any other. In this wild, out-of-this-world animation, expect the unexpected.

8. Devilman Crybaby:

When ancient demons return to Earth in order to regain it for themselves. Akira Fudo joins forces with a demon, gaining extraordinary demonic abilities while maintaining his human heart and soul. Fear, paranoia, trauma, and unsuspected betrayals must now be overcome as he navigates a deadly and unpredictable conflict between the two sides. It’s a fantastic plot with outstanding images and music that sets it apart from other anime. Prepare yourself for a lot of murder, destruction, and a one-of-a-kind critique of humanity.

7. Akame Ga Kill:

If you enjoy overpowering protagonists and dark, wicked villains, Akame ga Kill is the game for you. The plot follows Tatsumi, a little rural child who ventures into civilization in search of his pals, only to discover the harsh reality of the world. He joins forces with a group of rebellious assassins on a mission to rid civilization of the evil that dominates it, employing demonic weapons and tremendous, magical attacks to accomplish so. It’s chock-full of brutal conflicts, unexpected twists, and endearing people.

6. Tokyo Ghoul:

This spooky anime where Ghouls, flesh-eating animals that resemble humans, lurk around society and consume human flesh to survive. Ken Kaneki undergoes a treatment that transforms him into a half-ghoul after a life-threatening encounter. Kaneki finds himself in the realm of ghouls and must fight to survive while attempting to blend in with his surroundings without revealing his actual identity.

5. The God Of High School:

God of High School, with its on-point combat and gorgeous animation, should definitely be on your radar. The God of High School is a sure bet if you’re searching for a sleek action anime that will keep that adrenaline rush just like Jujutsu Kaisen.

4. Dororo:


Dororo is the total opposite of Jujutsu Kaisen, which is about a cursed demon reclaiming his body from mankind. The story takes us back to 1400s Japan and follows Hyakkimaru. A young ronin whose father forged a contract with a demon. As part of the agreement. He was born without limbs or skin, and the only way he can get them is to hunt out the demons that owe his father money. The show is just as dark as Jujutsu Kaisen, and it features the same philosophical monologues. MAPPA’s exceptionally exquisite animation frequently punctuates each of these monologues with a breathtaking battle sequence.

3. Demon Slayer:

Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer took things to another level when it officially premiered in 2019, and its popularity has only grown since then. Tanjiro, the responsible big brother type, is at the center of Demon Slayer. Rather than defeating a demon within his sister, he tries to find a means to free her from the curse. Both shows present the audience to a cast of agitated, convulsing foes. Both anime came out during the last two years and have a similar animation style.

2. Naruto:


Naruto is a must for anyone who likes battle scenes, complex skills, and character development. You have a loud mouth protagonist, a gloomier rival who helps the main character improve, a powerful, badass female, and a charming, masked teacher. I’m hoping Naruto will keep you occupied till the next season of Jujutsu Kaisen returns, with 700 episodes to watch.

1. Attack On Titan:

Attack On Titan

And at last, the no.1 in the list of Top 10 Anime like Jujutsu Kaisen is Attack On Titan. However, instead of curses, we have humongous Titans in Attack On Titan. While the characters are flawless, and they go through a lot of personal development during their emotional trip. All the while, they go through violent fights with apparently invincible adversaries. Gore, tragedy, crazy battles, cliffhangers, and cryptic secrets abound in this drama. All of these are qualities that any Jujutsu Kaisen fan would really like.

That is all from the Top 10 Anime like Demon Slayer. Hope you liked it. you can catch all these amazing anime on either Crunchyroll or Funimation.