The Promised Neverland is a twisted story about orphans who live with their adored guardian, Isabella, at Grace Field House. Thrills, twists, and turns abound. Ascending to the top of the list of psychological thrillers. If you love watching anime like Promised Neverland, Here is a list of Top 10 Anime like Promised Neverland.

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Top 10 Anime like Promised Neverland:


Top 10 Anime like Promised Neverland

Shiki follows the story of Satoba, a community where residents are eaten by reanimated dead bodies, a classic zombie horror. These zombies are known as Shiki, and they swarm the settlement in order to feast on the residents. The word “Shiki” literally means dead demons. This anime is all about survival, demons, zombies, gore, and understanding the world’s harsh truths.e

Death Parade:

Top 10 Anime like Promised Neverland

Death Parade is a supernatural thriller anime set in the afterlife. Decim is the arbitrator of the afterlife, and each individual that comes through his bar is assigned a new game that determines their actual nature. The outcome of their game determines whether they ride the afterlife elevator to heaven or damnation.

Bungo Stray Dogs:

Some of the key characters in Bungo Stray Dogs are talented orphans with exceptional abilities, similar to those in The Promised Neverland. While the Demon World is a fantastic fantasy setting, Bungo Stray Dogs’ fantasy components are the characters’ magical abilities, which they utilize to solve crimes and mysteries.

Deadman Wonderland:

Deadman Wonderland is very much similar to The Promised Neverland in that both anime feature characters attempting to flee their respective prisons. While the children of The Promised Neverland must leave their orphanage and the world in which they were born, the inmates of Deadman Wonderland want to escape the asylum/prison where they were wrongfully imprisoned.

Re: Zero:

Re: Zero is an isekai anime set in a fantasy world that, is also one of the most popular thriller anime on television right now. Subaru is not only transported to this new world, but he also “restarts” each time he dies, making it feel like Ground Hogs Day is never-ending. He is constantly witnessing those close to him die in gruesome ways, and he must figure out how to overcome and save them. He goes through a harrowing experience, much like the children in The Promised Neverland, and uncovers additional secrets along the road that sorely need his attention.

Seraph Of The End:

Demons are a top priority in Seraph of the End, just as in The Promised Neverland. In the former, the scary additions are vampires. However, there are simply too many parallels, such as fighting back, orphans saving themselves, and, most importantly, looking for ways out. Seraph of the End also contains some of the best action-animation scenes, but the story of characters who were reared as vamp fodder and then fought for their lives in a fantasy battle is incredible.

Higurashi: When They Cry:

This anime shows a small Japanese village where weird occurrences happen. That to the same group of children on a regular basis. However, Each time the protagonist is close to solving the puzzles, they are slain just as they are about to find out what is really going on. Higurashi has numerous seasons and arcs, each focusing on a different character.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica:

Puella Magi Madoka Magica is a story about denial, about putting characters through hell and robbing them of their innocence. They are two different standards for the same thing: stolen childhoods, but Puella Magi Madoka Magica fails at world-building. Anime becomes darker as it advances. The story, on the other hand, is far from a happy one. Keep an eye out for the female leaders’ aesthetics and emotional journey.


Erased is a thriller anime about a young guy who discovers he has the ability to travel through time. He travels back to his childhood to investigate a murder case involving one of his classmates. Kayo Hinazuki, who had been exceedingly quiet and kept to herself. During Satoru Fujinuma’s first year at school, ends up befriending him. Satoru sets a new aim for himself: to save her from kidnapping and murder before one of them happens. In this anime, youngsters face terrifying real-life situations and must figure out how to overcome them.

Death Note:

Top 10 Anime like Promised Neverland

Death Note is one of the most popular thriller anime series of all time. This anime follows Light Yagami, who comes into possession of a notebook. Which kills people, if their name is on it. He takes matters into his own hands, assuming the persona of the vigilante Kira. Light began writing criminals’ names in the notepad and killing them. However, when Light began to see himself as a deity, he became increasingly hungry. While influencing everyone around him, he resorts to killing everyone who gets in his way. Regardless of whether they are good or evil.

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