It’s been a long time since the Tokyo Ghoul Ended. However, fans are looking to satisfy their eyes and minds with another anime like Tokyo Ghoul. Don’t worry cause we got you covered. Today we are bringing you Top 10 Anime like Tokyo Ghoul that you can watch if you love the horror & Dark Fantasy genre.

While Tokyo Ghoul covers the heartbreaking story of the young, innocent Ken Kaneki. Whose role in a dramatic identity battle captivated the hearts of many. However, for many, it’s the delivery of gory conflicts and sadistic scenes that drew them towards the anime.

So without any delay let’s dive into the Top 10 list of Anime like Tokyo Ghoul. Have a good read, and don’t forget to check our other latest articles on the latest Anime & Manga developments.


Top 10 Anime like Tokyo Ghoul:

10. Beyond The Boundary:

Beyond The Boundary takes place in its own mysterious reality. Where Mirai, one of the last of the Spirit Warriors left tries to kill Akihito Kanbara. Her fellow classmate. This anime, like Tokyo Ghoul, focuses on identity and personal responsibility, but in a pleasant, heartwarming way that you will definitely enjoy.

9. March Comes In Like A Lion:

Next, we have March Comes In Like A Lion following Tokyo Ghoul in its footsteps. One of the most compelling aspects of Tokyo Ghoul is the audience’s constant concern for the mental and physical well-being of the sad main character, a character who exemplifies what it is to be innocent from the start. If you really love anime like this then this is definitely for you. It likewise tackles sadness and societal pressures but in a tonal roller-coaster way. It has a calming effect.

8. Shiki:

Shiki portrays the tale of a young girl’s early demise, which marks the start of a devastating pandemic in the small village of Sotoba. Ozaki, the town’s doctor, has reservations about the disease’s nature, but he gradually learns the truth. Meanwhile, Yuuki, an antisocial adolescent, is mourning the death of his best friend, Megumi. To save their loved ones, Ozaki and Yuuki must first discover the mystery that has befallen their hamlet before it turns into a vampire-infested ghost town. Shiki and Tokyo Ghoul are notable for attempting to humanize the conventional monster while walking the line between good and evil.

7. Akame Ga Kill:

Akame ga Kill follows a strange bunch of people as they fight an oppressive, conspirator-infested planet. If death and gore are your things. Be aware that this series has over-the-top battles and high stakes that continuously keep the audience guessing who will die next. It’s similar to Tokyo Ghoul in that it has harsh, edgy elements and a dark genre.

6. Inuyashiki:

Top 10 Anime like Tokyo Ghoul

similar to how the Ghouls and police officials struggle with their obligations. After a horrible accident, an old man and a young youngster are both resurrected with robot bodies equipped with technology in Inuyashiki. It is capable of both healing and causing mass destruction. The one utilizes his authority to save lives; while the other, freely uses his power for his personal pleasure. With a smile on his face, he murders people. For those searching for a riveting, gritty tale about two generations battling with power and technology, Tokyo Ghoul provides a deep moral investigation with lots of violence.

5. Another:

While Tokyo Ghoul had a lot of action And even known for the spooky elements. Tokyo Ghoul’s setting is spiced up with gore and horrifying villains. Another is one of the best horror anime around for those looking for a good scare and a dark atmosphere. There’s a new kid on the block, and instead of learning names or getting acclimated to new eateries, he needs to uncover the mystery behind a decades-old curse that threatens to wipe out his entire class. He learns more about his new town’s dark past and practices as he seeks to befriend the one shunned student in his class.

4. Future Diary:

Future Diary is a series that is very much similar to Tokyo Ghoul. When it comes to teenage angst and drama, as well as over-the-top fantasy and action. The series centers on a death game to choose who will become the next god of the world. In which all of the participants get the power to foresee the future in some capacity. What follows is a study of the modern macabre, as a cast of variously deranged characters creates some of anime’s most bizarre sequences.

3. Psycho-Pass:

Top 10 Anime like Tokyo Ghoul

In a dystopian world where technology has revolutionized human culture in incredibly intrusive ways. Governing forces usees “crime coefficients” to calculate one’s intention of wrongdoing. While cops must not only grapple with how this fundamentally changes their operations but also work alongside criminals. For fans of the new police gimmick or another nasty world full of monsters of a different kind. Psycho-Pass, like Tokyo Ghoul, is an excellent recommendation.

2. Parasyte – The Maxim:

Top 10 Anime like Tokyo Ghoul

Kaneki and Shinichi are very similar characters. Both were shy students who had their lives turned upside down due to circumstances beyond their control. They were left to deal with terrible beings of immense power and peril. Parasyte can summon blades and appendages from their flesh, similar to Ghouls’ kagune. This masterpiece is another excellent watch, having a more focused plot than Tokyo Ghoul.

1. Attack on Titan:

Top 10 Anime like Tokyo Ghoul

And finally, we reach the top. At no.1 we have Attack On Titan in this Top 10 Anime like Tokyo Ghoul. Tokyo Ghoul and Attack on Titan have so many similarities. The battle between humanity and man-eating monsters. While the main protagonist serves as an unintentional bond between the two. Tokyo Ghoul tackles the subject with a modern sensibility and a sensitive protagonist. Whereas Attack on Titan tackles it with existential fear and political intrigue. With a final season running currently, fans can enjoy this anime and even binge it.

That is all from the Top 10 Anime like Tokyo Ghoul. Hope you liked it. you can catch all these amazing anime on either Crunchyroll or Funimation.