Everyone is talking of Solo Leveling because it’s a truly awesome Manga/Manhwa. You would think the scenario has been done a million times before. And that it’s just another generic overpowered main guy doing what he wants, and you’d be right. It is precisely that, but it’s done beautifully in every way. After getting a taste of Manga like Solo Leveling, you must be searching for more. Here are the Top 10 Manga like Solo Leveling to read and enjoy the thrill.

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Top 10 Manga like Solo Leveling:

10. Dungeon Reset:

When our protagonist is transferred to a different reality. He can level up, but the dungeon resets when he does so. As a result, no one else can raid it except him. He moves forward since he is the only one who has the power to clear it. But what is the secret behind it all?

Dungeon Reset

From Isekai to excitement and thrill, both can be seen in this manga. It can also be rather amusing at times. Like Solo Leveling, the storyline is on track, the pacing is excellent, and the artwork will undoubtedly pique your interest.

9. Hardcore Leveling Warrior:

This manhwa’s plot revolves around a game called “lucid dreams.” The strongest player in this game is known as a hardcore leveling warrior. When an unnamed player kills him, he reverts to level 1 from level 99. Now, the so-called hardcore leveling warrior must redeem himself to avenge the anonymous player.

Hardcore Leveling Warrior

It keeps you entertained till the end with a clever blend of action scenes, likable characters, and humor. To put it another way, you’re in for a wild journey.

8. Solo Bug Player:

Taepung Shin is well-versed in Paradiso, his favorite MMO video game. His gaming experiences, however, come to a sudden stop after his tragic demise. But, since reincarnating as Jared, this isn’t his final act. Now he must brave the world he adored and use all of the flaws he is aware of to transform himself into the hero of his new solo adventure.

Solo Bug Player

It begins with a great introduction that clearly describes what the story is about. The plot moves forward at a good clip. The chapters are quite long, which is a good thing. For a manhwa, the art is quite outstanding. When you see side characters drawn better than other manhwas mc’s, it truly shows.

7. The Live:

The Live

Yun-Jae Kim lost his wife and daughter in a vehicle accident half a year ago. Now he continues to live in sadness. His diary mysteriously vanishes one evening, leaving behind an alarming message: you can see them again.‘ The ‘Holy Grail’ is given to those who complete the ‘game’ of ‘The World of the Backside. And it is stated that by using it, you will be reunited with your long-lost relatives. Yun-Jae becomes the only one who knows the future is a terrible world where only the strongest survive. Will he be able to make his wishes come true?

6. I Am The Sorcerer King:

The story takes place in a world where monsters emerge from the depths of the dungeons to harm humanity. People soon discover their latent skills and battle to defend their world. LeeSungHoon is a hunter as well, albeit a weak one.

I Am The Sorcerer King

However, he is severely hurt one day and recalls his previous life. He understands that he was a sorcerer-king in a previous incarnation, and using the wisdom from that existence, he gradually restores his powers to become the one who would save the world.

5. Kill The Hero:

Kill the Hero has the best plot and art style. It even has a similar art style to your favorite Solo Leveling. Dungeons, gates, guilds, monsters, and necromancy spells are all included in both Solo Leveling and Kill The Hero. Start reading right now. Furthermore, whether in Kill The Hero or Solo Leveling, the main settings take place inside the dungeon. Both Manga features deadly sequences that are huge in scale.

Kill The Hero

If you can’t get enough of Solo Leveling, Kill The Hero is a manga that is similar to Solo Leveling.

4. Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint:

The narrative of Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint will certainly exceed the mighty Solo Leveling. Aside from that, the world-building in this comic is incredible. It features a unique leveling approach that differs from Solo Leveling in that it includes everything you need.

Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint

The manga takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. The manga’s tale, on the other hand, proceeds at a breakneck speed. You won’t be able to put the manga down. This is a far superior alternative to Solo Leveling.

3. Second Life Ranker:

Second Life Ranker

In every way, there is a good balance of storyline, Artwork, and character development in Second Life Ranker. Although the setting of Second Life Ranker differs from that of Solo Leveling. But, the game and monster hunting adventure subject of this manga is identical to that of Solo Leveling.

2. A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special:

The word “distinctive” comes to mind while describing this comic. The plot of this manga flows along nicely in each arc. A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special will also spoil you with epic battles that you will want to see. The art in this comic is fantastic, with the life bringers as the primary character.

However, the plot of this manga begins to slow down or veer off course. but don’t worry cause the relationships and humor will compensate for it.

1. The Beginning After the End:

And now for the No.1 at the Top 10 Manga like Solo Leveling is The Beginning After the End.

Now If you’re a big fan of the thrilling isekai tale of Solo Leveling, This is definitely for you. The artwork images, especially during the complete action sequences, are one of the key reasons why The Beginning After The End has become one of the most popular comics. It will also keep you entertained with a series of hilarious situations till you can’t stop laughing. The pacing in this comic is fantastic.

Anyone who appreciates Solo Leveling will enjoy this manga as well, and will not become bored while reading it from beginning to end.

That is all from the Top 10 Anime like My Hero Academia. Hope you liked it. you can catch all these amazing anime on either Viz or MangaPlus.