I’ve been a long-time fan of Black Clover. And I couldn’t resist reading the manga to satisfy my curiosity. It’s a great combination of drama, action, tragedy, humor, and fantasy world. With some great character developments. As the manga is reaching its climax, we are getting to see more powerful characters. But, the introduction of these characters has changed the ranks in terms of strength & power. And for that reason, today we are going to see who are the Top 10 Strongest Black Clover Characters.

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Strongest Black Clover Characters: Top 10


Patolli is extremely powerful being the leader of the Eye of the Midnight Sun. His movements are diverse due to his ability to manipulate light. He has the ability to fire multiple high-speed missiles from afar.

Strongest Black Clover Characters: Top 10

While moving at light speed, and attack with light weaponry. He can even heal himself with his light. With these kinds of powers, he is definitely one of the strongest characters in the series.

William Vangeance:

William Vangeance is the captain of the Golden Dawn and most likely a candidate to become the next Wizard King. He was clever enough to recognize that he and Patolli shared a body. Despite his traumatic childhood, William is a truly good person.

Following Fuegoleon, William Vangeance is the captain of the Golden Dawn and the second most likely candidate to become the next Wizard King. He was astute enough to recognize that he and Patolli shared a body. Despite his traumatic childhood, William is a truly good person.


While Patolli bears his name, his abilities pale in contrast to those of the actual Licht. As the originator of Asta’s swords and the original bearer of his grimoire, Licht wields abilities that Asta is unaware of.

Strongest Black Clover Characters: Top 10

The range and amount of mana he can absorb after regaining the Demon Dweller Sword is much superior to Asta’s. Licht can unleash concentrated magical energy in a single cut by relying on the might of his fellow elves.


Asta’s opponent and keeper of the famed four-leaf clover grimoire are Yuno. He is a king, and Mana adores him. His consort is Sylph, the wind spirit. When it comes to magic, Yuno is a prodigy. In a short amount of time, he mastered the Mana zone. And can transform himself by combining with Sylph.

Strongest Black Clover Characters: Top 10

He becomes the vice-captain of Golden Dawn after the time jump. He has remarkable qualities for a rookie who has just joined the squad to become a vice-captain. Overall, he is one of the most powerful wizards in history thanks to his great grimoire and vast mana.

Fuegoleon Vermillion:

Crimson Lion’s captain is Fuegoleon. He wields a great deal of magical power being a member of the royal family. He’s also a Wizard King contender. The fire spirit Salamander chooses to serve Fuegoleon.

His cool and collected demeanor while in intense situations makes him a good strategist. As a result, he is regarded as the wisest captain. He is not prejudiced against people based on their social status.

Yami Sukehiro:

Captain of the Black Bull Magic Knights and a wielder of Dark Magic, another arcane stage magic. Yami has recently mastered both Ki and Mana Zone in the manga, and she now has a new all-devouring spell called Black Moon Black Hole! Black Moon Black Hole is a new all-devouring spell in Mana Zone.

His powers, in addition to mana sensing & Ki, are greatly enhanced. His only premise is to push himself to new heights, and he encourages his followers to do the same.

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Mereoleona Vermillion:

Moving on to another powerhouse in the black clover series. Her character is both fascinating and terrifying. Even Yami, our favorite captain, is sweating bullets and fleeing from her. Her methods of motivation can be harsh, yet she genuinely cares about her employees. Vetto was vanquished by her alone.

Strongest Black Clover Characters: Top 10

She battles with full brute power rather than using her magic. Her Fire Magic is shaped like a lion’s paw. Rhya claims that her magical ability has nothing to do with her status as a queen, but rather with her unknown human strength. We can guess that she’s a Stage 0 mage.

Asta & Liebe:

Asta is a brawny young man who relies only on his physical prowess. However, because he lacks magic power, he is able to wield Anti Magic without suffering. He hasn’t mastered his devil’s full potential, though.

Asta is ranked second in terms of physical strength because, like Mereoleona and Yami, he attacks his foes with brute force. Asta’s strength is demonstrated by his desire to be Wizard King despite his lack of magical abilities.

Nacht & Devils:

Nacht has been named the Black Bull vice-captain. He infiltrated the Dark Triad undercover in the Spade Kingdom.

He travels between places using Shadow Magic, which is similar to Spatial Magic. With shadow hands, Nacht is seen suffocating Asta. When he opens his mouth to talk, his pretty-boy image is shattered; his words are rather cruel!

Dante & Lucifero:

And finally the Strongest Black Clover Characters yet. Dante, the Dark Triad’s commander, is the game’s most powerful villain and antagonist thus far. He is cool and collected, yet his mind is twisted. Also believes that human superiority is based on malice.

He despises his Body Magic, but it makes him dangerous. Dante can regenerate even after his body has been ripped into shreds. He has the ability to control body tissues, allowing him to mend or reconstruct his body even if it has been torn apart.

That is all from the Strongest Black Clover Characters. Hope you had a good read. You can watch all the episodes of Black Clover on Netflix, Funimation