Top 15 Strongest Tokyo Ghoul Characters

Are you in love with Tokyo Ghoul as well? Want to know who are the Top 15 Strongest Tokyo Ghoul Characters? Come on, we have compiled the best list right here for you.

We all love Tokyo Ghoul. In such a case, we have always asked who might be the strongest of them all. No doubt, there has been a showcase of a lot of powers, and we have accumulated some for you. Let’s go.


Top 15 Strongest Tokyo Ghoul Characters

15. Seidou Takizawa

He has to be on our list of the strongest characters. He may not be a ghoul by birth, but he does not let that factor come in his way of getting what he wants.


There might be some weak points in him. His mind sometimes becomes uncontrollable and that is a huge drawback. He cannot stop himself from going berserk. But, his blade skills are quite good too. And, the backstory of his torture makes him a glorious character

14. Roma Hoito

Next on our list of Top 15 Strongest Tokyo Ghoul Characters, we have Roma Hoito. “This world’s a circus. Everything’s meaningless enjoyment.”- this is the famous line that makes us fall in love with her. Some people even say that she is the Japanese Harley Quinn.

roma hoito

She is sometimes psychotic, but the fact that she is an SS-class ghoul makes her even more powerful.

13. Noro

Want to see something scary in the anime full of ghouls? Look at Noro. His appearance is enough to send chills down your spine. He has got a face that looks almost dead- well he is kind of, but the fact that his eyes look like they are lifeless- takes a toll on the audience.

Top 15 Strongest Tokyo Ghoul Characters

12. Ayato Kirishima

Ayato is one hell of a good looking ghoul. Yes, the audience is quite captivated by him. And, yes if you ask us- we cannot take our eyes off. The fact that he is a full-ghoul by both makes him even more enticing.

Top 15 Strongest Tokyo Ghoul Characters

Being an SS-rated Ghoul- Ayato is one hell of a strong character and makes his way into our Top 15 Strongest Tokyo Ghoul Characters. He plays both in offence and defence.

11. Nimura Furuta

There is only one word for this character, and that is insane. Fans love him. Though he plays as the villain- fans cannot help but fall for his insanity. The man has hacked his way into too many organizations, and his strength grows insanely.

Top 15 Strongest Tokyo Ghoul Characters

He even agrees to shorten his own lifestyle for a few quirks.

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10. Tatara

The strength of this man is almost superhuman. His durability is similarly high. He even made 4000 degrees celsius flames to torture his oppressors. And, this earns him a place in our list of Top 15 Strongest Tokyo Ghoul Characters.

Top 15 Strongest Tokyo Ghoul Characters

His kagune is not well known, and the fact that he does not even consider the one-eyed ghouls as something concrete is something remarkable.

9. Shachi

This man knows how to dominate a fight, and we are here for it. The man fights like it’s no one’s business, and his strength is insane. He even excels at martial arts. He is well known for his amazing actions.


8. Uta

Most people do not consider Uta as evil-they think he is someone broken in need of help. He has capacities of cloning himself as well as he is a shapeshifter. Did you know that he can perfectly copy others’ voices too? Yes, he is that powerful. Also, the regenerative powers held by this man is simply insane and on another level.

Top 15 Strongest Tokyo Ghoul Characters

7. Juuzou Suzuya

Smartness, strength, sad background- Suzuya has it all. No one can even imagine how much Suzuya has gone through, and the amount of torture endured. He simply does not know how to stop before he gets what he wants. The battle senses of Suzuya is simply on another level. This makes him a placeholder in our Top 15 Strongest Tokyo Ghoul Characters.

6. Rize Kamishiro

The beauty with a beast inside- that is the word we will be using for her. Noone is as gluttonous as her, and she just loves feeding the one-eyed ghouls. There is no stopping her. She is insane for the meat. Though she is excessively strong, there might be some drawbacks as she is stuck to the Dragon being in her core.

Are you in love with Tokyo Ghoul as 15 Strongest Tokyo Ghoul Characters

5. Kuzen Yoshimura

You might be wondering what is an old man doing on this list? But, with his age- he’s got the strength too. He can take down a lot of strong ghouls with his own hands. But, the fact that his cannibalism gets out of hands sometimes might seem to be a little bit problematic.

He has been in some of the most insane battles and even stood strong when Kaneki fell down.

4. Eto Yoshimura

There we have on our hands another deserving place in our Top 15 Strongest Tokyo Ghoul Characters. We have never seen another character who is as voracious as her. Her hunger is immense. And, the fact that she desires Ken’s special eyeball is mention-worthy too.

It is not difficult for her to stomp on some of the strongest agents as well.

3. Kishou Arima

Special Class Ghoul Investigator of CCG- Kishou Arima is one of the OPs in our list of Top 15 Strongest Tokyo Ghoul Characters. He is also called the White Reaper as opposed to Ken. He is super intelligent. And, it is this intellect that keeps him rowing his boat. His agility is immense too, and we cannot complain about his strength.


2. Nimura Furuta Final Form

We have mentioned Nimura Furuta before, but did we mention his final form is the OP? Yes, he derives all his beautiful motivation from Rize. And, he went through a lot of changes to get this powerful just to face Ken.

We see this form in Tokyo Ghoul: Re, specifically in the Dragon Arc. He sometimes gets an upper hand in his battles for his incredible cunningness. He is merciless and doesn’t show anyone even a tiny piece of mercy.

Nimura Furuta Final Form Best Tokyo Ghoul Character

1. Ken Kaneki

And, finally, we are here on our Top 15 Strongest Tokyo Ghoul Characters to the top. It is none other than the main character- Ken Kaneki. We have no words for this boy. The character development is beyond our words. He isn’t known as the Black Reaper for nothing.

His abilities are intense, and the amount of things this boy can do in such a short period of time is unbeatable.

And, this brings us to the end of our Top 15 Strongest Tokyo Ghoul Characters. Which more characters would you like to add? What are your views? Let us know everything. Follow us for more amazing anime and manga related content.

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