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Top 3 Anime like "Code Geass" You Should Watch!

Code Geass has been one of the most popular anime series among fans. The anime by Sunrise studio gave the audience the foremost disagreeable nevertheless thrilling expertise with its unbelievable plot twists, literary characters, and spectacular animation.

Code Geass isn’t almost fighting robots and typical actions, however conjointly concerning another timeline that hit the style of history buffs.

The series conjointly gave fans a powerful and unforgettable character in Lelouch, a widely known protagonist within the mecha scene once it involves mentality and also the act of unforgiving plot.

Hence, here are anime shows that provide equivalent intense battle scenes, political conspiracies, mecha actions.


Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

64 Episodes (2009)

Human transmutation is an act of alchemy. when their failing tries, the Elric brothers face a most terrible event that will modification their life. Following the Law of Equivalent Exchange, the Elric Brothers lead off a journey to go looking for the legendary Philosopher’s Stone with the hope of delivering their bodies back to their original forms.

The dark political intrigues, excellent action scenes, and therefore the themes on family square measure delineate in each Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Code Geass. each anime series have exceptional plotlines and literary characters, and therefore the emotional impact of their stories is very appreciated.

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Guilty Crown

11 Episode (2011)

It is an associate degree action-packed anime that centers on Shuu Ouma, a 17-year-old high school student World Health Organization is granted with a brilliant power called ‘Power of Kings’. He desires to require back Japan from its unfortunate fate brought by the irruption of the Apocalypse Virus.

The sturdy bond between Shu and Inori is analogous to the destined encounter of Lelouch with C.C. Each male protagonist is granted powers by these mysterious gals. the 2 anime are driven by revenge and emotion ensuing in war and rebellion against governments. Each has a powerful want to hunt justice and freedom.

Death Note

26 Episode (2006)

The prodigy highschool student lightweight Yagami stumbles upon the Death Note. With a goal to make a good-looking world, he tests the notebook by writing a criminal’s name in it, and shortly once, the criminal dies. This fateful discovery changes his life and he tries to find the devastating power of the Death Note.

Death Note bears several similarities to Code Geass. each of the most characters area unit precocious with brilliance and knowledge, and that they possess the identical ability, the ability to command others against their can. Death Note conjointly involves psychological entities like the unbeatable wit of Lelouch.