Top 5 Websites to stream Anime Online For Free
Top 5 Websites to stream Anime Online For Free

Watching anime has always been a hassle. Few websites offer very poor quality anime and others offer dead slow servers. Kissanime was the go-to website for most weebs as it had amazing site response and provided a vast range of server options. The site has been taken down due to copyright issues. In this blog, we will provide you with the Top 5 Websites to stream Anime Online For Free.

Reader’s Note: We highly condemn the use of watching anime via illegal practices. Purchasing memberships at official streaming websites helps the anime creators and production in many ways. It motivates and pays their bills. This information is provided for educational purposes in order to know more about the anime community.


1. GoGo Anime

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GoGo Anime has taken the number one spot after Kissanime. This website has the largest collection of anime including dubbed anime as well. GoGo Anime has multiple servers which allow its visitors to stream anime online according to their liking. It surprisingly also has a download option which is very useful if you have slow internet and want to watch episodes in one shot.

The website releases all the on-going anime immediately as well. Anime fans praise this website for its consistency and super-fast response time. The website has a lot of ads but can be minimized using third-party apps such as ad blockers.

2. 9Anime for Android - APK Download

9Anime has high-quality anime videos and has very few ads. The overall site outlook is good and has a decent response time. The sit is open for fan’s anime recommendation to add to the site as well. 9Anime does have multiple streaming servers that allows their users to stream anime online and offer downloads as well. This website was also on the verge of being taken down when kissanime was shutdown. But luckily it escaped but is still in danger of closing down.

3. AnimeHeaven

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AnimeHeaven is a very popular site and is mostly used for watching English subbed anime. It has a very user-friendly interface and not many ads. The phone version may be a bit problematic but still manageable. It comes with a few major servers that give you the option of stream anime online choosing according to your internet connectivity. AnimeHeaven is a decent website that has most of the popular animes out there.

4. Chia-Anime

Chia-Anime Unblock Chia Anime Alternative - WebKu

Chia-Anime is one of the most popular websites that stream anime online content for free in Japan. The website has been running strong ever since it started which was in 2009. Chia-Anime has all the old animes including the underrated ones as well. The website does not contain pop-up ads which give a pleasant experience when viewers come to watch their favorite anime.

5. AnimeFreak - Watch Anime Online | English D... - Ww 1 Anime Freak

AnimeFreak TV focuses on the latest anime releases. It streams all the ongoing anime regardless of its popularity. The site doesn’t have an amazing user interface but still has a solid set of coding behind it. AnimeFreak does have a drawback which is the constant use of ads to sustain the website. The pop-ups are too much and make it irritating for the phone users.